Do you have nightmares about being psychotic?

I haven’t been psychotic in a very long time, like probably nearly a decade at this point. Sometimes I still have brutal nightmares about the paranoia and crippling levels of fear it caused me. I just woke up from a horrific nightmare where I was at my boyfriends and the lamp in the room broke so it was dark and I was convinced the devil was trying to harm me. I was so terrified and running around and screaming. I mean just 10/10 terror. I woke up and felt so exhausted it was as though I hadn’t slept at all. Psychosis itself is just so deeply traumatizing that even when you’re stable you can’t ever forget it, I feel like.


I believe I had this nightmare because lately my sleep has been really messed up and I had a scare where I lost my antipsychotic for a few days, I got voices a few times and was extremely anxious about getting sick again.

I have dreams I’m psychotic and roaming the streets. And getting sent to hospitals that don’t even exist. Escaping and running down the street at night to my parents house.

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I have nightmares about being Tricked into taking the same job that gave me a break.

I have thought broadcasting in my dreams, but it’s like a foregone conclusion / normal context rather than something weird.

I don’t want to be OK with it! I want to stop it.

No dreams but fears it would happen again even though I too have not had an episode since 2010. My psychiatrist feels it left me with ptsd

I havent been psychotic for three or four years now, but I get those nightmares all the time. Rather than being afraid tho I trained my brain to jump into alpha mode those mornings and try to make the very most out of those days. Its a way for me to be thankful knowing it all can come crashing down in a second and to keep on my toes and be proactive with my life and the challenges it brings. It keeps me from being complacent so for that I’m thankful


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