Stopping my meds because I'm fine

They make me so flat and tired.everyone thinks something is wrong with me. I’m on 5 medications. I don’t want to live my life like this when these meds are hurting and not helping me. I’m not mentally ill. I don’t know what I’m thinking. We will see how this goes. Has anyone else had good luck stopping meds

This is not a good idea. Always talk with your doctor before stopping your meds.


Yeah, Tree is right. If you stop your meds abruptly the chance for a relapse is almost certain. I wouldn’t take the chance.

And you’re fine, debatable, but you feel fine because of the meds.

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@Minnii I feel like the meds are part of the demonic trick to block them out so I can stop sensing them and if I stop sensing them they’re going to torture me and try to make me kill myself like they’ve been trying to do for YEARS

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Withdrawal from 5 different meds will likely involve a significant rebound psychosis.

And remember schizophrenia is episodic, people are normal for years then they have a sudden relapse.

@Hadeda went into remission for several years then got sick again out of nowhere.

If i were you i wouldnt risk it.

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I assure that the meds are not a demonic trick… They make the demons disappear.

They say I have schizoffective and tried to prove that my thinking was “different” but I don’t see why it’s different .

@Minnii I don’t know. I need help. I see signs everywhere from God. But I don’t feel sick

To be honest the meds do nothing even if I am sick thats shy I’ve tried so many antipsychotics and none of them take the "psychosis " away. What’s wrong with me ?

You don’t seem fine at all from this perspective, you seem very delusional actually. I’m worried if you stop your meds it will only get worse.

While off meds I felt like demons and the devil were torturing me, while on meds those thoughts don’t even cross my mind anymore. It took a while for them to work, but eventually, if you believe in that sort of thing, they were actually a god-send.


You need to give time for the meds to work, how long are you taking meds?

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@Minnii thank you. I appreciate your input. I’ll think about it. I just want to know what’s going on with my brain and why no meds work. It’s because I was cursed by the devil and has nothing to do with mental illness imo which is why meds dont take it away. Maybe I need to just keep trying. I saw the demon in my head though. I saw him. I need a miracle.

Ive been on meds for 2 years. Trying to manage psychosis" with meds for a year and a half. We usually keep me on one for a few months then try another antipsychotic. My depression and everything has gotten better with meds. I used to be overdosing weekly and self harming every day

I think meds are your miracle, you just need to give them time to work.

I saw a lot of things, heard a lot of things, thought a lot of things, even saw people saying me a lot of things, none of it was real, I just figured it out later. And with this illness it’s how it goes.

Give it time for the meds to work, and definitely don’t stop taking them all at once. You’ll feel a lot worse, I guarantee you that


My med took a year and a half to work. One med. I thought I would be delusional forever, after a while I gained some insight, and with the help of people here I crawled out of the hole I was in.

I have pretty good insight to know that something is wrong but I still don’t know what’s true and what’s not. My head feelings like a bunch of scribbles. I’m sorry it took you so long. Which med was it?

You would have good insight if you didn’t believe demons are out to get you :wink: But you’ll get there :slight_smile:

It’s Invega Sustenna (Xeplion in Europe), monthly injection.

Thanks hahaha and yeah my dr wants me on invega . seee I take that as a “sign”. That was your miracle drug and that’s what my psych wants me to take so maybe it will save me too just because you made that post. That’s how I think

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:smile: Alright, take it as you wish, as long as you don’t quit your meds. :slight_smile:

Meds work differently for everyone, remember that. Maybe you need clozapine, it’s a good med too.

What are you taking now?

I’m on remeron 45mg, lithium 900mg, valium 10mg 3x a day, gabapentin 800mg 3x a day and my antipsychotic is vraylar 4.5mg. I was on saphris 20mg and it helped for a bit. I’ve been on the max dose of a lot of these antipsychotics and they help for a little but then they stop helping

Phew, that’s a lot of meds :confused:

Do you suffer a lot from mood swings?

Yeah I have borderline personality disorder :frowning: