Thinking of Going Back to Full Blown Psychosis

Yep. I want the voices occupying my mind all the time. I want them to be as annoying as possible like they used to be. I want to be 100% incompetent. I want the brain damage to be immeasurable. I want to never sleep again. Actually I don’t. And that is why I don’t completely understand those who want to go off their meds.


It helps to know that no 2 people experience this illness, or rather, this cluster of loosely related diseases, in the exact same way. You know, what might be true for X might not work for Y.


The common trap is people have their initial break and become psychotic and are maybe hospitalized and maybe go through a period of “crazy” behavior or weird thoughts and then they get put on meds. The meds make them feel better and they feel so good that they think they don’t need meds anymore, not realizing they only feel better because of the meds. So this category of people will go off meds and often relapse until they realize they need to stay on meds to feel better. They don’t go off meds planning to be psychotic, it just happens.

If they’re lucky they only have to do this process once in order to learn they need meds. Unfortunately for some people they have to go on the cycle a few times before they learn.


For some of us is not about avoiding relapse but learning to manage our symptoms. But I understand, people who learn their lesson the hard way are more prone to view their experience as having universal value, which in turn helps explain their moralistic stance.

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I don’t feel I’m being moral. I was just stating facts that I’ve seen played out many times. There are people who say they liked aspects of their psychosis, some people even say they miss it. But I doubt the majority of people would desire to be psychotic. I’ve read in too many places that the number one cause of relapse is going off medication. I’m not judging.


I think the attraction of going off meds has to do a lot with how easy it is to see negative things.

Cause meds have a lot of unfortunate side effects and people focus on those things. Even if meds have helped them in so many other areas.

There’s also the sense of curiosity of “what would happen if?” Which isnt really a good reason but people do it.

But there’s lots of reasons why people try it. But it should really only be attempted with doctor approval and supervision.

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Bearing in mind that this post was intended as a sarcastic rejoinder to an older post of mine (“Thinking of stopping medication”), I’ll try to be even more explicit so the OP gets why not every schizo is cut from the same cloth: I don’t hear voices, I’ve never been rendered “incompetent” or experienced full blown psychosis, my cognitive symptoms are very mild and already on the mend, and I’ve never experienced sleep issues. Good night.

I think about stopping meds often. It will be a happy and painless death as I dont feel pain when in psychosis. Either kill myself or kill someone and be shot by cops.

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I think my parents are selfish by wanting me alive and suffer.

Because they dont want to suffer from my death.

Hell no, I’d rather get back to real life, sure some of that is cool, but I’d rather be thinking correctly

I can say that is %100 not true Aziz.

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People who think psychosis is cool have never experienced the insane hell psychosis that I experienced and couldn’t stop pacing around the block all day because of wrong meds. I would never want to go back to that!


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