For those with Agorophobia

I’m sure like half of us on here suffer with some type of agoraphobia.

I know I do.

Sometimes, when I’m afraid of the world, I lie on my bed, open the window, and just try to take in everything thats going on at the moment.

The sounds of the birds chirping, the air that flows by, the conversations that take place, and other wordly sounds.

I meditate like this for a good hour and then I go outside and face the world. :earth_asia:

Hope this helps anyone.


It comes and goes and is worse sometimes then others.

I had it bad when I was 19 before I was schizophrenic. Was in a state of panic driving or going in stores.

What was worse is that I was sharing an apartment with my sister and to get to my apartment door I had to walk down an aisle and all the other tenants doors faced the aisle. So I was going through a phase where I didn’t want to be looked at but every day I had to walk down that walkway and I felt everybody was staring at me. I guess actually that was an early sign that something was drastically wrong.


I had a bad case of that. Every little thing. Standing in line for something, being like on a bridge or anywhere high up etc I got prescribed Celexa and it helped but I am gonna try natural and holistic stuff to get off unnecessary medication

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I have always suffered with Agoraphobia.
No med helps me.
I can’t take antidepressants.

Well Klonopin helps a little.


Hey have you Tried Celexa?

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Good advice.

Sometimes I’m agoraphobic. Especially when tired.

My strategy is to gently force myself to my desired goal. If I let agoraphobia restrict me, succumb to it, it tends to be worse next time I go out.

Sometimes i cant get to my desired goal, too much anxiety, then i go back, and next day i try again until i reach my goal.

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Like I said before I can’t take any antidepressant


I’m a little bit agoraphobic in my old age. I never had this when young.


I don’t leave my house, and I have no reason to. Everything I need I get delivered or my wife gets like meds, though the pharmacy delivers too

I like to drive too. I have a sports car. But it just sits in the garage going up in value.

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Sometimes I don’t go out for a year+

I don’t get any help with it. It’s very difficult.

I like to meditate. I’ll try this, thanks.

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