Do you ever feel, you have nothing to loose

With this illness i don’t see myself being married, having kids, or having a good job, and enjoying life like the healthy once. Sometimes i think i have nothing to loose, why not involve in illegal activities and make lot of money, without harming anyone of course.

“Dirty money attracts dirty thing”.
Funny. I never thought I would quote Pitbull on anything…

I used to be like “screw it im never gonna get better” and cut class and got drunk all the time and was partying like an idiot.

Sometimes it’s had to see anything but the misery that comes with this illness. The truth is that there is hope, all of those things can be achieved. A positive outlook is the start. Nothing in life is etched in stone.

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It’s hard for ppl wo sz to find a partner too. You never know when you stumble over the love of your life. My friend was 56 when he met a woman and got married. She had 3 kids. So now he’s a dad too.

I was already married when I got ill. I would never have managed to have babies when I’m ill because you never get to sleep properly when they are young. No sleep = Getting psychotic in a few days.

You do not have to shoot for complete recovery, I would take things one step at a time. Strive towards improvement first. A piece of the pie is better than no pie at all. Try to make some progress, if you need to talk to your pdoc than do so, but thinking your world has ended, sets you back, and this is not progress

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When you have nothing to lose–you have everything to gain.
If you make unwise decisions to dig your hole a little deeper then you will circumvent any good thing that may be in your future. It is best to make the proverbial lemonade from those lemons…Keep a smile on your face and be friendly to people you meet. Do what you can to better your situation…take a college course…even look into to find a listing of universities who have FREE college courses on line…you can meet some cool people there and gain some knowledge at the same time.
You are never so low that you have nothing left to lose. Look around you…there are people all around you. Ever see that motivational speaker from Austrailia…the one born with no legs or arms? He is now a father and well known just because he has a good attitude. His name is NIck something --If you want a link to his book let me know.All this to say : self pity will get you no where. Keep your chin up and look for positive things to be grateful for.


With this illness I didn’t see myself with a job or friends, or kids, or girlfriend…

Until I started picturing it.

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i do feel i have nothing to loose on those days ill do what i call big laboscis
in the film when everything get shitty he goes sod it lets go bowling
sod it moments you can use to do something youve always wanted to do what ever it is.