Do you ever feel psychopathic?

It feels hard to feel stuff, and I worry I never feel anything deeply.

With the looming idea of going to the hospital… I’ve got to thinking… what if I am just a manipulative psychopath? And this is all a fake thing for attention? I tell people I am manipulating them, these symptoms aren’t real. They do not believe me, they tell me I am sick. I feel cursed in this body. Being so good at lying that no one will believe me when I tell them I’m lying. Let me out please, I don’t want to be here when I am such a terrible person.

All my symptoms are not real. In reality, I am fine! I am all good! There is no reason for me to be on medication.

Sometimes I feel so guilty that I lie to everyone I want to die. I’m feeling stuck with all these “symptoms”. I want to start over.

Please help:… need advice… today I got to thinking… of biting a chunk in my arm and swallowing it… I hit my head multiple times…

I hate being such a good manipulator, how can people see me for the terrible person I am? I try to tell them and NO ONE LISTENS? :frowning:

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When I tell them I’m lying they just believe me that I’m not lying even more… this is truly a curse… why am I such a good manipulator … I hate myself …

Help me

You can’t make up the positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia. A psychiatrist can pretty reliably diagnose someone who is exhibiting those symptoms to an acute degree.

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I don’t feel psychopathic. Psychopaths destroy what reminds them of things they don’t like. Particularly their short-comings. Very jealous people. They try to destroy other people’s happiness even if they don’t know them. Very full of themselves.

I think I feel more sociopathic. Which are more manipulative. But not necessarily betraying anyone or causing harm unless they find someone who has not conformed to their will. They are more revenge seekers when provoked. If they feel like they are in danger, then they will be triggered to do all of the above said about sociopaths.

Psychopaths are chaotic evil. I don’t see that in you.

If you’re afraid of being a psychopath, the odds are high you’re not a psychopath. Several of us have been worried we were faking our own symptoms at one point or another, myself included. I’ve even wondered if I caused my own symptoms on purpose to get sympathy sometimes, but realize that’s not possible.

Odds are, you’re having a bit of paranoia and likely have a delusion that you aren’t ill at all and are a master manipulator (it’s hard to fake mental illness well!).


If you are manipulator that means boogie boogie dumbo mombo!

I’m the opposite.
I’m highly empathetic.


Being schizophrenics made us empathic because in our delusions we feel vulnerable, so we understand the pain of others


I am told… I am highly empathetic as well… sometimes though… I feel cold inside… I feel terrible about this …

Is it really that hard to fake it? I feel like the best in the world. Maybe not me… a part of me… I am calling for help… that part of me is truly evil…

I am not sick at all… I do not feel sick… I feel SO GREAT!!! I do not want to go to the doctor. I am great. Fantastic. I should stop going to therapy I feel so great.

But I also want to die. I want to hurt myself

What is wrong with me

Do I have a problem? A real problem? Or is this all fake?

Jugo jugo budo budo you heard that about donald duck

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I think the best you could understand about this is that you feel numb. That’s a negative symptom of schizophrenia and the medication.

Trying to say you are going to be this or that because you feel nothing is just a reflection of your imagination. You probably hung around really mean people for a long time. But good news is that you can get out of that and take back control of your mind and fill it with more positive ideas.

I would know. I’ve been there. I have all kinds of methods for taking control of your mind. Just let me know if you want anything.

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I have not been diagnosed with anything … I am only on antidepressants

I have hung around with mean people for years… stopped now… very mean people online…I hate them… I wish them bad things in life … bad things that they made me feel…

How do you get control of your mind ? Nothing is wrong with my mind… if there is something wrong… how can I see that? Am I in denial? Or am I being truthful? I want to stop now


:slight_smile: I feel like I am breaking down

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Clinical psychopathy is a misunderstood phenomenon. They are unable to feel empathy for others on more than a superficial level, due to a lack of connections between their amygdala and their ventromedial prefrontal cortex, but it doesn’t predispose them to becoming criminal necessarily. They can still grow up adhering to social norms and living a normal, productive life if they are raised in a good setting. They would be more likely to become criminal in a poor, abusive setting though.

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psychopathy is very rare with no empathy, no sympathy, Narcasism, sociopathy, borderline personanity disorder and people in general have manipulative tendencies it’s how people achieve. psychcopathy is much diffferent, dangerous and rare. If you ask if you are psychopathic you most likely are not.

@doodle I really really wish I could tell you what’s going on with you. This is so close to my own experience… You just need to hold on, and keep going through the motions. Eventually you’ll get the help you need. I’m saying that as someone who didn’t, and I regret not doing something about it earlier, and who is trying to do that now.


The psychopath harms and destroys people for pleasure and no other reason often while capable of doing it for personal gain like wealth, connections, etc.

The sociopath doesn’t do the same thing where someone is only a destroyed piece of entertainment to them. The sociopath simply has goals, and uses this sociopathic trait to gain the trust of anyone and then ruin anyone that stands in the way of those goals like wealth, connections, etc.

I was a sociopath once for about a year in high school when I was a solipsist which means not being able t prove that reality is real, thus I believed I had no moral responsibility or obligation to anyone. I went broke and crazy straight out of high school if that gives you any idea of how that goes. SMH

Now I’m a sheep dog. I deeply enjoy protecting for one, because I’m so good at it, and two, people appreciate me for it while eliminating our threat which I need, if for nothing else, for keeping my status up around people while my sz features may have created doubts.


i actually have a small lump of newly formed raised skin on my arm where i cannibalized a part of myself. that’s what I have done while manic

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You can start by thinking more positive :slight_smile:

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