Do you ever ask questions from your voices?

I do. I asked my voices today, that “Do you want me to be affraid of you”?

I try not to engage with my voices. For me, talking back to them only makes them worse.


My voices and I hold a dialogue. I guess @ninjastar is right. It prolly makes them worse. I am really affected by my voices tho. It’s very hard for me to just ignore them.

I never acknowledge my voices. In the past when I have I’ve ended up on some screwed up “mission” or other whereby I have something “special” to accomplish but the things I need for survival like food, fluids, shelter, etc. don’t matter at all, I drop twenty pounds overnight and I can no longer hold a conversation with a member of my species.

No, f*&^ those guys; they want me dead.

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Yes but I don’t recommend it. Remember you’re basically talking to yourself…still I used to ask for advice and questions about existence and everything often

Well your not really talking to yourself. At least I’m not. My voices exist somehow. I don’t know in what capacity they exist but they are nothing like me. They aren’t an extension of me. I have like 3 main voices I hear.


Not in my case, I get the problem out of my system that way. If you don’t face your problems, then THAT’s when things get worse IMO.

I talked to them back and forth, they question me, I question them, hear them, etc. It happens 24/7, meds haven’t been stopping it at the slightest.

I ask them questions that make them go do research…that buys me a lot of “quiet time” while they’re trying to come up with an answer.

Asked one of them to explain white light- light without heat, and he’s still searching for ways to explain…been a few years now.


Because of my delusion, I think I know where my voice comes from; researchers controlling my brain. I have asked them questions in the past although not so much lately. I have asked them, even begged them to be kind to me and not hurt me. Admittedly, very strange but I am guilty of doing it. I get very paranoid that they are going to cause me pain via me hurting myself, the environment (people in my fake reality) hurting me or simply by torturing my brain directly. They haven’t talked to me much lately. A good sign from a mental health standpoint, I’m sure.

Thought you knew all about this experiment going on, that you’re really the one doing it to yourself, your choice.
Then you must know the end results of all this, what’s the fear from?

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once ina while ill get one that can hold a conversation… usually when im about to enter super sz mode or just leaving it… but visuals are my daily struggle… the everyday voices are just short phrases single words or just noise mechanical humming… doors being opened or slammed… sometimes musical tones ect…

I know you like to give me a hard time about my delusion :slight_smile: I don’t expect people to remember everything.

I believe my brain is being controlled by my colleagues and they have made it so I don’t remember anything. They told me (in my head) that I am part of the brain study but beyond that, I have no access to any memories or plans or anything like that. Despite that it may be planned by me, I have no idea what is coming and they (we?) have hurt me before so I am scared! I suppose it is kind of like people who believe in a Supreme Being. Though they believe they have an overall ‘plan’, they beg for mercy none the less, despite that it won’t matter. It’s what humans do, I guess

P.S. I also ask them questions here and again even though I know I will get very little info back.

I don’t think the voices could hear mine. I used to talk to myself a lot but I was talking to aliens. In my delusion of course.

No, you’ve got it wrong about me, because I think you’re the one poking fun at me, and you say too many things I think to be a coincidence…it’s kinda not nice to play with people’s ‘delusions’, but I guess you guys have made an entire forum out of it.

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Talking to them only scares me. Mostly they just want to convince me of things and then tell me they are messing with me.

Hmmm? I thought this forum was part of MY fake world and everyone was acting for MY benefit. Now I’m confused :confused:

They aren’t my fake world, they’re very real and very too much in my business to be fake. It’s real no doubt, but problem for me is I’m not on their side.

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I am sorry to hear that. That is a bummer. In my case, even though I am ‘in on it’, I have no recollection of it or what’s to come so I am very paranoid.

When Alien talks to me i talk back to him, i say ‘why Alien? why are you so fussy/ why are you so nasty/ why are you making me do this’? etc. And sometimes when he makes me laugh i say ‘Alien you are so funny!’