Do you enjoy dancing with others?

I suck at dancing. I also hate hugs.


I can’t dance. Forget about dancing with others.


I don’t like dancing or hugs from people I don’t know and am not very close to. I’m proficient at some forms of dancing (two-step, polka, and waltz) because it is important to my wife to occasionally do this.

BTW, I despise country, polka, and waltz music.


I used to enjoy dancing in my distant past
Once in a blue moon I’ll find myself dancing to a tune in the throws of mania.


I used to go out dancing a lot. But I feel like I have outgrown it.


I usually dance on my own in the crowd, like anybody does, but haven’t done it in years. I done classical dancing, but i forgot the steps. I enjoy dancing, i dance sometimes in my apartment alone to the radio.


I used to love to dance with others! Now not so much but my 20s was definitely full of dancing.


No, I’ve never cared for dancing. My fathers always been way into ballroom dancing, and I’ve always scorned the practice bc of him.

I don’t like hugs either.


Sometimes I dance alone in my house


I dance by myself when listening to music in my home. I’ve danced with other people and have been told that I’m not too bad.


hehe i do the same… sometimes when my nieces and nephew are watching music clips on tv i dance like crazy and then they laugh with my dancing =D


I love dancing with others (argentine tango especially). I’m very specific in who I want to dance with though. With some men, dancing is intimate and wonderful, even right from the start. With some men, I feel unsafe and freeze. I can’t really predict why yet, but I think men who are more dominant and judgemental and less empathic make me feel nervous. Same goes for hugs - love them, but only from a select few.


I love both hugs and dancing with others, but if I dance too often I get burnt out on it. The people i’m friends with go out multiple times a week and I’m just not built for that


When I was very drunk or on drugs I would jump around to dance .
I wasn’t good like a dancer though.

I can’t dance now I’m sober.
I don’t feel relaxed and comfortable to do so.

I could attend some dance classes and keep up and enjoy it but now I e been avoiding people anc their hierarchy views n society n supress n yuck.

A dream of mine was to dance.
With a partner but also alone.

I did rock n roll dance classes years ago and managed to do intermediate with a strong partner.

I don’t live near rock n roll classes now.

Stuck up socialites at my local gyms and I’m a outsider so can’t go.

Wish there was a dance place for me and gym for me with my people I’m comfortable with etc

I have done a YouTube video which isn’t dance of feet just upper body dance.
Sometimes I could get into it.

Makes me feel lonely that I can’t go to gym or dance.

All the soccer girls excluded me clearly but I want nothing to do with them.
I don’t want to exercise with them!

I want to jog with Anders.
Anders encouraged me to exercise and gave me time and care.
I want to ride bike with Anders too.
Thanks to him I jogged five km but that was around twenty years ago.

I was good at exercising just a year ago even.

A few months ago I was going to gym six days a week for half a hour but I was clearly a outsider.
Easier when only four people in class and there was a man I liked who was in old gym too.

Anders and i should live close and take care of each other but he can’t jog or bike ride anymore.only walk but he walks obsessively.i don’t want to walk as much as he does.
He used to walk seven hours a day.
Now only two hours day approximately.

I can’t afford a personal trainer and I can’t get myself to exercise.

I’m getting no movement.
I sit in bed and couch all day.
I need to move my body but I kinda can’t get myself to do so.
I want to but don’t want to.


I miss exercising too, not only to lose weight but more to feel good. @SacredNeigh7


Don’t know how we can encourage each other to move our bodies when we can’t get ourselves to do so.

We should have a personal trainer each hey.
Or be made to feel included and welcome at gyms and dance places without them doing their hierarchy stuff which isn’t the truth it’s just mainstream society views but I disagree and that’s my stand.
So i don’t fit in.
Not in society as such.


I suck at dancing. Not a big fan of hugs either. My aunt gave me a hug and a kiss on the neck two days ago. Had to wash my neck. lol.


I only danced to get girls. Didn’t enjoy it and usually went home empty handed.


I used to ballroom dance with an ex of mine to old tunes. One of my best memories.


I can sing a lot better than I can dance. And let’s just say I am a terrible singer.