Do you drink soda?

I’ve completely stopped drinking soda a few days ago and I feel very different. I have better stability and cognition.


My brain is still getting used to it. I think part of behaving and thinking like an adult is living like one and having a proper diet and nutrition.

I have to get clean of alcohol next and I think I can wing it this time around.

I drink just one 1/2 liter bottle per day, most days - some days I don’t drink any. I drink much more water than anything, probably around 1/2 gallon per day, as well as usually a glass or two of V8 and a couple cups of coffee. Getting off alcohol is tough, I wish you the best of luck with it. I’ve been sober seven months and hope I never touch the stuff again. I was a functional alcoholic, now I’m just an alcoholic who doesn’t drink anymore.


I quit about 2 months ago, just tea and milk here now and the odd Hot Chocolate

I mostly drink water and coffee, but I started drinking milk again, but I’m allergic to it. It gives me back pain.

I’d like to get clean of alcohol for a month and just see how I feel and what it is like. I also want to get clean of tobacco. All this ■■■■ I’ve put in my body has weakened it and messed up my mental health big time.

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I reduced alcohol like 90% and feel a lot better.

I never used to drink soda, but my husband drinks a lot of it and now I’ll have a can a few times a week. I should probably stop, though. So much unneeded sugar.

All I drink is coffee and water. Water is just a habit now.

Water with good PH levels is ideal if you can manage. It is supposed to help regulate the body’s stress levels. There should be a chart online that compares the different brands and their PH levels.

Soda I just don’t have much taste for anymore. Used to be a fiend about it.

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I used to drink diet soda every single day.
And that’s all I drank.
Once I realized the consequences of drinking too much diet soda, I quit it.
My kidneys were suffering, i had shakes from the caffeine, and I was always bloated.
Now I only drink water and coffee.


I personally believe if I cleanse my body of everything that weakens or destabilizes it my schizo will go away and I will be able to have a job.

The demon/voice may have a light presence, but it will be a semi-symbiotic relationship at that point, shifting my gears appropriately like a fine-tuned vehicle.

I stopped drinking soda about 15 years ago but I had a training at work a few years back and all they had to drink was Pepsi in 20 ounce bottles. I drank all 20 ounces of the Pepsi, as it was summertime in SC, but immediately felt fuzzy-headed, hyper and weird. I’ve stayed away from it since.

No I don’t. None at all. Both regular and diet soda both cause tremendous weight gain.

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I drink seldomly. Like twice a month. I know it’s bad for me and fills me up which causes me to eat less and then wither away.

I don’t drink soda at all. My doctor told me not to because it puts me at risk for diabetes.

I don’t like soda. It’s too sweet.
I prefer black tea or green tea with little to no sweetener.

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That’s my exact same story!!!


About all I ever drink is plain water and black decaf coffee with nothing added.