Do you drink soda?

I can’t afford soda

They have cheap soda here, just wanted one small bottle for a treat, but one bottle costs as much as a case of the no name, so I just passed on it.

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Soda is really bad for you but unfortunately it tastes good with some meals. Of course I love milk way more so I usually rather have milk which isn’t nearly as bad for you. I drink a cup of coffee in the mourning too.

May your episodes be few and far in between.

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Mostly sugar free soda drinks. Tend to be a Coke Zero and Pepsi Max drinker try to limit it as much as possible as no idea what’s really in them. :tropical_drink:

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I avoid soda strictly. I drink water and plain tea only.

I love drinking Coke but I rarely touch the stuff.
I am Diabetic and try to avoid Soda.
I also avoid drinking Diet Soda.


Good for you, Wave.

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Thanks @loveaguilarg :slight_smile:

once in awhile but not very often. I prefer flavored water.

coca cola had cocaine.

most sodas are bad: they mess up my sleep

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Yeah I do. Sugar doesn’t really have a negative effect on me. At least not in the short term. :slight_smile:

I drink diet soda, but not as much as I used to. I also drink coffee (usually decaf) and plenty of water.

I dont drink soda


I drink a lot of water. I have soda about twice a month. Might further reduce my intake of soda. Really think they are no good.