Do all szs like cola drinks

I like to drink cola drinks, because these make me to feel good and refreshed. My sz aunt used to drink these cola drinks too as did my father before he went to the elderly care facility. However, I do not buy Coca Cola or Pepsi, because these are expensive, but I buy cheaper ones such as ‘Siti Cola’ at 1.15 euros including the recyclable bottle (40 cents), so the price of a 1.5 litre Cola drink is just 75 cents. What about you?

I think that’s in the DSM IV. Geez.

I drink Coke Zero most of the time because a have diabetes. Sometimes when the craving for something sweet gets too much I will buy me a 500ml Coca Cola.

For some reason I haven’t had cola for years and years. I am on Seroquel and I’m doing really well. But I am really afraid of becoming diabetic so I really keep an eye on the sugar. I do have a sweet tooth that I’m fighting off and it’s easier to fight if I ever picture injecting insulin.

Because needles… :scream_cat:

Coffee is my down fall.

I typically have also some zero sugar cola which is about 1.5 euros for two liters including a 40-cent recyclable bottle, so 1.1 euros for two liters of cola, I also have coffee often, I suppose its caffeine makes me to feel refreshed. Due to my diabetes (for which I have also meds) I use no sugar often, but I also try to avoid fatty foods.

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I’m a bit addicted to Coca Cola lol. I used to drink 4 or more 12 ounce cans per day. I cut it back to 2 per day, and I lost almost 10 pounds.

It’s delicious, but not so good for your health.



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I’m trying to find my balance on that. I did find that a little caffeine makes me feel better. Too much and I’m really out of my head. My spelling goes out the window, racing thoughts are back, I get sort of odd attitude and if it’s way too much I just float out of reality. I don’t feel anchored into my skin at all if I have too much caffeine and I don’t easily understand what I read or hear anymore.

I love cola drinks, but unfortunately I am diabetic so I try to keep away from the stuff.
I dont drink diet soda because artificial sweeteners are just bad for our brain chemistry

I’m sorry you have to fight diabetes too. How are you doing?

I try to stay calm every time I get my blood work done. So far a just a few raised eyebrows and a “It’s time to keep an eye on this” So I’m getting nervous and working harder.

I don’t even touch artificial sweeteners… I picture a bunch of scientist who made a mistake, and figured out how to market it. Those things look brutal.

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Im doing ok my blood sugar numbers arent over the top but i do take meds for it, metformin - glucophage

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There have been several studies linking artificial sweeteners, like aspertame, to increased weight gain.

"By Dr. Mercola

You may be surprised to learn that research has repeatedly shown that artificial no- or low-calorie sweeteners are anything but good news for weight loss… Contrary to popular belief, studies have found that artificial sweeteners such as aspartame can:

  1. Stimulate your appetite
  2. Increase carbohydrate cravings
  3. Stimulate fat storage and weight gain

Now, yet another study1 has been published showing that saccharin and aspartame cause greater weight gain than sugar."

I found out the hard way, by gaining weight while drinking Diet Coke lol. Not good!



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I’m addicted to diet coke. There is something about diet coke that really brings me up and makes me feel relaxed. If I don’t have diet coke I usually crave it. It is just an awesome drink when served cold.

That is so ick. They keep touting it as better then plain old sugar. Which isn’t That great I know. But man after reading that… I am so glad I don’t use the stuff.


I am addicted to diet soda. I like it, but if I drink too much my hands shake and I get unstable. It also stimulates my appetite pretty bad. They say aspartame isn’t that bad for you but I think that’s a bunch of horse crap. I need stop drinking it.

Dr Pepper is my favorite. :lollipop:

Sometimes feelings can in to play and you have to have a pop its a must to setal the stumic blues. As far as schizophrenia and soda go"s I think the sugar levels drop with meds and we tend to over use pop.

I don’t drink sodas due to the sugar and empty calories. I drink coffee and preworkout supplements for energy. I drink coffee twice a day or have it in the morning and then my preworkout drink in the afternoon. I am a pretty strict eater but I smoke cigarettes so there goes my healthy lifestyle.

I don’t really like cola it makes my stomach hurt. Not the carbonation but the ingredients. I drink kombucha every night though I love it! if I could afford it I would drink kombucha all the time. It takes a while to ferment I’ve made it before. And I drink black tea for the caffeine…coffee kills my stomach it sucks I love coffee but tea is good!

I’m a caffeine addict lately. It seems to help my mom also, she drinks a lot of energy drinks and coca cola. I try not to drink a ton of caffeinated beverages. I’m drinking coffee right now.

My favorite drink is water. I also drink coffee, hot cocoa in the winter and rum and eggnog during the Christmas season. I rarely drink soda.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

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