Do you drink fizzy/soda drinks?

Im jumping back into pepsi/coca-cola bandwagon. I used to work at five guys so got used to fizzy drinks. I also wonder why they are banned in mental hospitals? Is it because of caffeine?


I really enjoy my Diet Pepsi when I go KFC

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Caffeine. Yes.
Ive been in hospitals that had ginger ale.


Yes 15 characters

I do. But, I try not too. :bear::bear::bear:

I drink diet soda ALL DAY LONG haha but i should prob cut back…drinking mnt dew after mnt dew at 2am i think is affecting my sleep


A cold fizzy soda is so good when thirsty. But supposedly its dehydrating.

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I love a cold soda. I drink diet coke and fresca all day, with a bottle of water thrown in here and there.

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I drink a lot of fizzy stuff. Mostly diet.

I’m not supposed to due to GI issues, but I sneak them in when the doctors back is turned.

I sometimes drink them, not often.

Nah. Very very rarely. I think it is good they are banned there. It always surprised me how hospitals would put people full of sugar/caffein/junkfood…then full of pills…which seems a bit odd. Less bad food = less mental health trouble & physical health trouble.

I drink a lot of Coke Zero’s. I feel like they help me cognitively for whatever reason.

If I am left to drink just tap water, I’ll end up laying on my bed and playing with my phone for hours on end.

I drink them way to often.

I cut them out about 4 months back. I had gained a bunch of weight so I stoped consuming anything with refined or added sugars. I also do not consume caffeine.

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I drink soft drinks every day.
Usually one or two cans a day of sugar free soft drinks.

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Too fattening and I hate artificial sweeteners. I had a craving for a cherry coke today, in a bottle. They used to have them at the gourmet store. You can sit in there all day and they won’t tell you to leave but I’d feel funny doing that but still some people do, they usually have laptops.


I am 100% sober.


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Okay, my mistake then. But didn’t need to write it in German. Though, I always get excited reading in other languages. Lol

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I’m drinking vitamin-capsule drinks.