One diet coke a day is my max. amount I'm allowing

I used to drink a case of diet cokes in about ten days. unexcusable on our budget…now I get one diet coke a day…wife drinks the same and always has just drank one a day…she drinks coke. do you ration your beverage intake?


I only drink water and coffee :coffee:


I like soft drinks but i do ration them, just not for health reasons. I dont drive, so i have to carry my groceries on foot, and its a pain lugging heavy bottles.

We have a carbonator so I can make a lot of pop, but it is full of chemicals. I allow myself one soda pop a day and the rest of the day I will carbonate fruit infused water or have soda and lime instead. I am still trying to unprocess my diet as much as possible.


i drank 2 24 packes of diet coke in like half a week. lol i do not recommend what i tried of replacing energy drinks, coffee, and tea with just diet soda. now im back to less than 3 energy drinks a day and like 1 soda

homemade soda has chemicals? i thought the maker things just carbonate water plus the flavor things you can add

I used to drink three or four diet cokes a day now only one a day same as you and for a week I had to adjust to it not having any caffeine or hardly any and had terrible headaches for about a week was going through caffeine withdrawal but now I am fine it’s been two weeks since cutting back on Diet pop I have been doing it not only for health reasons but the Nurse at TCN Behavioral Health told me that diet soda is bad for me and my health and can cause weight gain and cravings for sweets even though its diet and the chemicals in diet soda are bad as well

Look at the ingredients on the Sodastream Soda flavours.

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If I have diet coke, I usually have 1, 2, max 3 a day.

If I have ice tea or lemonade, I do 2 a day.

But I don’t always have these drinks.

I normally stick to water.


I love Pepsi max!:slightly_smiling_face:

My c boyfriend’s stepfather got me on to them.

We were visiting and he let me have some of his Pepsi max.

I love to have one can a day.:pray:t4::two_hearts:


Yes, I like Pepsi Max too !

I only have them at my brother’s house when I’m there though.

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Me too, 1515151515q51

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