Thanksgiving plans

I’m going to see my parents and eat turkey and mashed potatoes and enter a vegetative state for the duration of Thursday. Then Friday I’ll be back to normal. Hopefully won’t have to shovel much.

Do you have plans? Do you celebrate? Do I care?


I don’t celebrate thanksgiving, it’s not a thing in my country.
The stores are having Black Friday sales, though.

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My plan is to stay by myself, avoiding all friends and family.

Oh I forgot all about that cancerous Black Friday BS. I am not shopping unless somebody is selling a better life to lead. To hell with the stores, just give me more turkey and send me on my way. Yum yum

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Yeah turkey is more of a christmas thing here.

Sometimes we do a turkey for Christmas too, sometimes a ham when it seems like we’re ganging up on the turkeys too much. I prefer a wild ham but they are few and far between and tough to eat with the horns and all. I wish it was Christmas tomorrow, then Thursday could be Thanksgiving. Stupid boars, I will eat you


My husband is off work Wednesday and Thursday. We are making a huge pot of chili to feed ourselves for two or three days!


They legalize weed here this week too so I’m worried about everybody getting high and running over turkeys and hams and bears and just generally being assholes about the whole thing a bird flew into my car the other day when I was driving it made a sickening crunch i ran it over two more times just to be sure

I’m spending it with stepdad and his parents, they are good people and my grandmother is a great cook. She always makes the best dinners. We won’t have to travel far, they are a 15 minute drive away.

Now if only the meal would cook itself! Hahaha…ha…

It was s tradition with my mums side of the family to have thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents.
My grandpa would cook.
Grandma would make desserts

We had black currant red currant jelly with the turkey and Brussel sprouts ,carrots,mash gravy etc

They had cherry and crisps before dinner.
After dinner was desert and then coffee and biscuits.
Usually home made by my grandma.

My grandfather died I don’t think we celebrated anymore.

I made a thanks giving turkey for my x bf baby daddy because I believe in miracles our son is alive.

The rest of my family do not seem to celebrate it.

With my boyfriend now we do not celebrate and I don’t think we could afford the turkey but we hope to afford ham anyway.

I miss those family traditions.
But we do good things around Christmas and will hopefully have a Christmas tree this year aswell.

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Our thanksgiving in Canada is in October. But I’m checking the black Friday sales online. I doubt I’ll buy anything but still looking.

It is such a big deal for us in the USA that I often forget about this fact that no one else has this holiday on this day in November. Canada has their version in October, I think.

I’m going to my grandparents’ home, like always, and I’m going to cheat on my diet big time. lol.

Who pissed in your Cheerios?

Well, I’ll be watching the parade

then eating with my family.

I’m bringing both apple and pumpkin pies.

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Thanksgiving means going to my grandmother’s house. My aunts and uncles will be there. I don’t know what’s on the menu this year but it’s usually turkey or ham and the traditional sides. We don’t stray much from the pattern from year to year. I’m already anxious just thinking about it.

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