Do you care for a loved one

I dont take my mum out a lot bc she has a lot of help with her guides and stuff but when i do it is very stressful,

i am at my wits end :frowning: and after it i feel completely drained and it takes the life out of me, it is the least i can do though bc she helps me with the car and i do genuinely want to help her, i just wish it wasnt so stressful.


I’ve had to care for a couple of family members, and it feels awful to struggle with it. I don’t have an answer which would help, but you’re not the only one.


I was my mother in law’s caregiver.

She lived with us and I had to take her to appointments, make all her meals, set up her dialysis machine, change diapers, etc…

It was exhausting.

It sounds like your mother already has help, I don’t know what’s stressing you out.


well i wouldn’t be able to deal with personal care and thankfully it is not at that stage yet but i still have trouble helping her and it harder now since she got her guide dog,

she isn’t taking my arm anymore so it is extremely hard to guide her around, she bumps in to everything and has fallen a few times,

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People get old, they break, and they die. It’s my turn next, I guess. I’ll do what I can to minimize the impact on my kid.

I help my father out, he’s very old and frail.
It does get tiring especially emotionally.

But he is not 100 percent dependent on me thankfully.

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I am thankful for that as well @Wave i would love to do more to help my mum but it is too much stress, idk why i get so anxious its just really high stress situations.

I wish my father was here to help :frowning:

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