Do you believe you have schizophrenia?

Or you are trapped in the illness? Do you believe your delusions are real?

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I believe I have an illness. But some of the things I think Have some truths to them which is based on facts.

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I believe I have schizophrenia I don’t believe in delusions they are stupid . I just laugh of them is I remember them

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I think I must have something along those lines.

However I also believe in a lot of my delusions. It’s hard not to feel like an alien from a different planet.

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Not really. 155555555

I believe I have schizophrenia, but I don’t have delusions or voices like I had in the past.

I believe I have it, due to hearing faint voices, and formerly having delusions that no sane person would have.


He’ll, yeah when off my meds, I see all kinds of ■■■■ that’s like so scary it couldn’t possibly be real…but wait why did one of my hallucinations after seeing my dog being skinned alive say…are you hungry honey…yup I need my meds

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I sometimes don’t believe I have schizophrenia. I feel like it is just one big misunderstanding. I don’t feel like I am paranoid or delusional but my doctors do. Idk. It’s all very confusing.

I believe I have schizoaffective disorder from drugs and trauma. My thoughts are like voices. They give me headaches. I suffer.

I think some stuff is real. I’m scared a lot and paranoid. I’m also depressed and lethargic. I lack motivation.

I have real memories.


I know I have sz but if I stop my meds I will believe that I’ve never Been ill. That it’s all a conspiracy against me. I will believe the delusions until I can prove them wrong.

For instance, I remember going through wormholes and being told they could give me schizophrenia. This stuff happened in past lives. I know it’s not real in this life. But it did happen to me in a past life.

I question reality everyday.
I don’t know what to believe in anymore.

Just curious… what are your delusions?

I have classic symptoms, but I don’t think they know enough about it

I believe I have some kind of psychotic disorder. Just don’t know which one.

I believe I have sza and for many, many years. I believe that the illness has adversely affected my thinking and memory. I believe I have some delusions that I believe are totally real. I believe I suffered from this illness my entire adult life. I believe that I am recovered, with meds, today.

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I’m sorry @Alan96 but I’m too uncomfortable talking about it now.

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No problem, its ok.

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Unfortunately I feel some one is in my body and someone is playing with my voices that other people can hear. People think I’m a racist or obscene because someone is playing with the picture or voice in my mind. I feel I get real threats to my life often.

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