Do you believe you have schizophrenia?

I know I have schizophrenia and I expect that what I experienced whilst psychotic wasn’t necessarily how it really was! Yeah. It was real to me but my mind was playing tricks. It’s just like hallucinogenics. Yeah you can go to some extreme places and experience a lot of out there stuff but at the heart of it all is a biochemical problem with your brain.

If your still in doubt I’d suggest your struggling with the process. It doesn’t get easier…but once you get stable enough it’s important to realize what you go through isn’t necessarily an accurate description of said events!


I know I have schizophrenia without a doubt because other members of my family have it.

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I have sza and I have alot of delusions, extreme paranoia and hallucinations.

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I don’t believe my delusions are real, nor my voices. Over time, I should be able to tell faith from delusion, tho it’ll take being more open with my church’s assembly about the content of my psychosis. It’ll scare them when I say I think I am Judas Iscariot, the Antichrist, or even Jesus Himself. But I have to do it. It’ll benefit everyone, I hope. Heck yeah, I have sz.

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