Do you believe tarot-card or palm reading

Folks at wizard forums use tarot-cards, palm reading and other magic such as Goetia. I read up on magic but I do not practice it. Do I believe it? I have not ruled it out because I have read so much about it. But I do say nay that could have happened because of this or that.

I have read threads at wizard forums, whereby those folks seem down right assertive in their spiritual take on magic.

Another reason I do not practice magic is because I have read about human sacrifice and magic. The pagan Great Midwinter Sacrifice and the ‘royal’ mounds at Old Uppsala written by Göran Henriksson is one read that grounds me.

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Talking about Karl Jung, over 20 years ago I had some intentions to continue my education in America and I had to take this GMAT test, and then one person asked if had practiced somehow for this test, I told this person that I had read a book written by Karl Jung which had nothing to do with this GMAT test, no wonder I did not continue my education, a funny thing when I think about it afterwards :smile:

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About Carl Jung, I really really liked this presentation!!! I learned a lot about the Convergence of Images.

“The Red Book and The Red Book: Jung, Tolkien, and the Convergence of Images”

I read tarot cards and everything they’ve told me has happened. I don’t touch them anymore because experiences I’ve had have given me a hardcore fear of anything remotely occult.

For example the cards foretold my last relationship, the exact way one of my friend’s relationships ended, the list goes on. I still get creeped out thinking about it. They’ve just never been wrong…I think horoscope stuff is mostly silly, but it’s interesting to think that when you were born might have an effect on your personality.

Like ouija board. Whose moving that ■■■■. Jk most of the time it was me o_O.

And psychics are a crock too.

Tarot cards were not intended for fortune telling but more of a self meditative practice.

Palm reading and the like is about cold reading.

Astrology was a way of encoding the myths and history of a culture before the advent of writing using the stars.

the myths themselves followed archetypal patterns that seem to be prewired into the human psyche.

Yeah the ouija board was what got me into my whole disaster situation that left me completely messed up to this day. Screw that thing. It went missing so I could never even get rid of it.

You really think that? I used ouija as well maybe there is a correlation. Lol magical delusions.

The funny thing is my “delusions” we’re basically a remembering of comparative religions that I had never studied. I would just know and have images appear when I reserched the image I would see the myth I had a delesion of told and retold in multiple cultures.

one of my main rememberings were that there was a Christianity where the Holy Spirit was a godess but their was sort of haulcost in ancient times to wipe this knowledge and sever people memory of the spirit world and connection.

I researched a few days after once the paychosis he’d lessened in intensity and it was true. I had never researched that stuff before. But when Christianity became the orthodoxy they commited a great genocide against anyone that would not convert to the state religion. It was very similiar to hitler book burnings and all.

Nancy Reagan used an astrologer. It was a big news at the time because she was using the astrologer to plan out Ronald Reagan’s presidential schedule after Hinkley’s assassination attempt on him.
Hinkley is a whole other story.

Yeah…I still wonder every day if what I went through was real or not to be honest. Don’t know if I’ll ever find an answer, but I guess it doesn’t matter now since it’s over.

Genuine psychics generally won’t ask questions…the only genuine one I’ve ever come across said ‘don’t say anything, don’t ask anything’. Information just flowed, seemingly out of nowhere…she picked up on the fact that I had been thinking about the food storage room in the house I grew up in (overseas)…my grandmother used to store food there during winter…jars upon jars of jams, pickles, conserves…she described the whole thing to a T. It’s not something you can guess…it’s entirely specific information, completely un-prompted. She also said I still felt guilty about ‘smacking’ my dog (when I was 8 years old) for being naughty. Again, totally true…it’s one of those things that stayed with me…I was an juvenile animal abuser.

Now, it’s not like telling me that changed my life or anything…I mean, out of everything I wanted to find out about…that wasn’t it. But it’s what came through.

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My old grandma read tea leaves…she was very good…but she didn’t read tea leaves per se. She read people!

Tarot is allright. I have a pack. Iching is better but it’s pretty toxic stuff if you believe such random mechanics if your schizophrenic. Yes- magical thinking isn’t a good thing for us and that is a no brainer!

I think anything you approach that you look to choose your pathway with life is fraught with peril! I like the Iching just for it’s randomness…as I appreciate the tarot…because deep down I believe that there’s patterns in the randomness that is pretty well described with chaos theory…patterns of repetition that leads to insight…not future!

That’s my little thing but honestly. It’s like taking out an entry in the lotto…it’s pure dumb luck how those cards fall unless your a person like my old grandma…she was just a brilliant person who learned a lot about people and how to apply that to make you think she knew about your past and future!

So Yes…I like the tarot as I like the iching…but I don’t believe in them as anything but random generators of pretty much whatever things you ascribe to them!

A friend in the struggle,


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Do I believe in it ? - yes. Do I practice it? No.
I have seen some of this stuff work, but far too often charlatans use it just to make money and the readings are so vague that anyone could make those hits. Especially those TV psychics…
As for astrology I think those newspaper horoscopes are very vague. However the astrology that involves birth charts with the times and planetary alignments can be very accurate.
However, from a Christian viewpoint we are not supposed to seek guidance from these sort of things. I think there are a few grey areas though since in the Old testament the priests used Urim and Thummin which were divination tools, and wise men from the east who were most likely astrologers followed the star to Jesus…
basically I believe if God wants to show me something he will and he will choose how…I wouldn’t go to a tarot reader or psychic or use a Ouija board…

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Yeah I can’t remember, I had a pretty dark period in my life where I was looking at all the satanism in our culture, the illuminati, etc. I was definitely against selling my soul the whole time. I got black out drunk one time though and might have did it anyway. I think I wanted to code an artificial intelligence or some ■■■■. My psychosis seems pretty disconnected from those times. At the end of the day I don’t give magical thinking any credit. Maybe I just made myself a target in the spiritual world. Ah what am I saying, you create your minds rendition of the universe as you grow up. I took a belief in the potential of telepathy and my mind began rendering it. That opened the door for voices. After all that I just want to say ■■■■ schizophrenia, ■■■■ telepathy, ■■■■ drug use, and ■■■■ magical thinking. I should have been living in the real world, now I’m way behind.

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I tried to learn tarot and palm reading but, I think that some psychic ability is required. I believe strongly in the sixth sense. I certainly don’t have the “gift” though, fortunately.

Back in my younger days, I was looking for that hidden edge, in this case it was looking for the key to seeing into the future.

Before long, I correctly predicted the outcome of the flipping of a 25 cent coin, 27 times in a row.

I could have kept on going, however I stopped. While doing the coin flipping, the cousin of a friend of mine, who was witnessing it all, had decided to make bets against my lucky string of outcomes. Each time he of course lost.

Half way through he said that I must be cheating, so I let him flip the coin instead while I would be facing away from it all. I kept on getting it right as usual. After 27 flips, he owed me a bundle. So I just laughed, stopped the coin flipping predictions, and said forget about it.

The odds favoring the occurrence of such a sequence of 27 correct predictions, is only 1 in 134,217,728. Of course most people thought that correctly predicting the outcome 27 times in a row, was just coincidental.

I always think of carrots when I see the word tarot. I know that’s off topic but yep.

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Very funny.

I just click on this topic, and as it was loading I said to myself, “I always think of carrot when I see the word tarot.”, and then boom, there your statement was right in front of me. Only one minor difference.

Me… …“I always think of carrot when I see the word tarot.”
You…“I always think of carrots when I see the word tarot.”

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