Do you believe in your abilities?

How did psychosis affect the relationship with yourselves??Do you believe in your abilities??Do you have confidence and a good relationship with yourselves?

I lack in all the above fields.I know that it can get better with effort and time.
I want to hear your experiences!!!

I still lack a lot of confidence. I started classes yesterday and my first thought was “I can’t do this”… but talked myself out of it, because I have to do it for myself. So can’t think much about all the negative things, just do it one day at a time.

I like myself more after psychosis, I take better care of myself, with a good sleep schedule and healthy eating. Some exercise too, but I admit I’m a bit lazy still.


When I couldn’t trust what I was seeing… hearing… thinking… it was hard to believe in myself.

I had voices tearing me down… telling me I should just die… that was hard to work against.

I still have a hard time believing in myself. I work on it… I get help with things… but I don’t have very much self confidence.

( these are just estimates). But I believe my iq was in the 120s in college. Then after I dropped out and went on meds, I felt my iq went into the 130s to 140s. Now, I feel it’s in the 110s. I make errors when I read, I can’t think as deeply, intelligently, or creatively. My thoughts don’t lead to other thoughts. I don’t have confidence in myself to do mathematical proofs. I can’t program beyond a basic level.

Nope, don’t believe in my abilities in the least.

But it matters not because i don’t want to be here anymore, it’s not even depressing to have no abilities for me, i simply hate this place and you don’t need any abilities if you don’t even want it.

Would have made a fantastic monk actually

No, I don’t believe in my abilities. I’m as useless as one can get

I believe my IQ is in the high 150s once I am completely non-psychotic.

The trouble is I am not

I did an official test by an Psychologist about 3 months ago when I was completely psychotic and was having strong delusions ---- results = 106.

My real IQ is much more than that.

I do believe in my abilities- I have undergone psychological assessments which clearly and repeatedly show that I am an able person.

I have had periods of doubting myself. I have never really been helpless, that is, at my worst I laughed or screamed a battle cry whilst having medication complications and or being sick from abusing alcohol. I do have an obnoxious persistence. I compensate for being severely mentally ill by enhanced striving. My friends call me an overachiever and a type A.

I was a fighter when the illness hit me, and I have problems with the paradigm shift from fighter to scholar. I was used to school being easy (I was gifted before my onset) and now I actually have to try to make the same marks.

I come from the background of fighting for my life- I was trained in Krav Maga and also dabbled in mixed martial arts. When I am hurt by my illness, I wait until I am ready to perform again and then study and exercise like I am crazy. I mean excessive work ethic, most of the time “overkill” and “two steps ahead” of my studies.

Fortunately I do believe in my abilities, and my achievements speak for themselves.

But abilities as a student and athlete are what I am referring to. I am not as able in some parts of life. I have had mostly short term, semester-long relationships. My interpersonal skills with friends and family are fine, but I often feel intimidated in academic settings. Hearing me speak at a meal with a friend and hearing me speak in a research lab meeting are unbelievably different. The odd thing is, I actually produce research above my grade level, my nerves just make it hard to put my thoughts into smooth words.

When I was a fighter, I was the quiet kind. I hardly spoke. I was used to performance speaking for itself. Now, what I write and what I learn must be spoken, and it’s a little strange for me.

With practice I have been making progress, but I am noticeably nervous when I speak formally about my research, despite being aware of the quality of it.

It’s all very strange for me. I never anticipated academia, I anticipated ROTC.

Have you ever achieved anything with your high iq? I’d imagine the top physicists on the world have iqs in the 150-160 range. You know, coming up with new theories and everything.

I want to get an official iq test. I also want to get tested for adhd and auditory processing disorder.