Do you believe in karma?

I am not sure. I wish it existed though. People should get what they deserve.


It exists. We get back exactly what we put out, for better or worse. Sometimes it takes time though.


I really believe in it…

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There are two definitions of karma. One involves reincarnation, and building of Merit across multiple lives.

In the more down-to-earth view of karma, it is simply cause and effect. If you do this, this will be the result. If you get heavily involved in drugs, this will follow. That kind of thing

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I have a weird karma delusion mixed up with my ‘taking energy from other people’ delusion. It goes along the lines of: I try to change something in my life like giving up alcohol. I (without intending to) take energy from my sister who doesn’t drink at all. I have some success, like a week or two without alcohol, then my resolve weakens due to karma giving the energy back to my sister and I have another alcoholic drink.

It feels like it is happening with anything I try to change. It also protects me from other people around who are trying to change, they take my energy, but it comes back usually.

It is just one of those things I can’t shake with medication.

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Karma is a conception from Buddhism. Also, it is about cause and effect.

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@see121 There is such a thing as karma. How you behave and treat others will be returned in the same favour.

What do you do for a living with mental illness in North America. Is your illness stable?

I feel that draw to karma no doubt. But all in all it’s never amounted to anything.

Good people are built to be modest, at least they can find happiness easily… Meanwhile criminals rule the world in a lot of places.

I’d rather find pathways to work towards a goal… Echoes of karma for things that doesn’t apply to.

But if I’m wanting something and just working for it is an option… I’m not counting on karma.

I don’t know how people like Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, and Adolph Hitler could have gotten what they deserve. They killed millions of people. Hitler’s death was a hard one, but it was nothing like the end for all of the people he put to death. Maybe there is some kind of justice in the afterlife.

It would be nice to think that it was but there’s a lot of randomness to life. Even Karma has to fit itself to the randomness of life…

Still. Chaos teaches there’s patterns in even in the most random of places so I think it’s one of those seductive things like divination or gambling. Yeah. There’s luck but no one can pick it regularly. Just my thoughts…

Oh yeah. Damn right i believe in Karma. Some people might say it was “ideas of reference” but ive seen retribution fall down on certain people - normally on a self-fulfilling prophecy too.

Its all about the “balance”.

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No I don’t. Too much spiritual influence for me to believe in. I’ve seen too many people get away with being a horrible person for years with no retribution. Like @crimby said, how can there be sufficient karma for people like Hitler? I’m not buying what the Buddha is selling.

Karma on a small scale is very real.

I also believe in “Do unto others as you would do unto you.”

Basically, treat people the way you’d like to be treated, and don’t be a dick because it’s gonna come back to you tenfold.


Mao is the leader(founding father) of new China. If there were no Mao, Chinese people would be ruled by Kou Min Tang.

Nowadys, I don’t care too much about politics, I just do my business to make money.


I can’t help believing in it. Though sometimes I wish I didn’t.

Mao also killed many millions of Chinese people. He was trading food for arms with Russia in the sixties, and as a result 40 million Chinese starved to death. Also, ten million people were killed in the “Cultural Revolution”, not to mention a million Tibetans when they were put down. The Kou Min Tang would have to be awfully bad to equal that.

That is your prejudice.

Your figures are exaggerated.

We have truly moved back into politics for this one. Be civil and supportive and keep the international politic out of it!

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