Do u believe in karma?

i don’t think i do but every now and again something happens and i think…“yes” karma or god just paid u out u ■■■■■■■. some of my abusers have been afflicted by terrible misfortune. they may b rich but they’ll never b happy, not truly and some lead miserable lives. some have yet to feel karmas wrath. i’m still waiting. what do u believe?

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I do believe in Karma.

But I don’t think it works as straight forward as I would like it to. Sometimes it seems to, but other times, it’s just a perpetuation of positive actions and good vibes… :ocean:

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I believe it’s concept that cannot be gaurenteed but it seems to come true sometimes. I believe it is an abstract idea and not realy any kind of law of the universe or anything that has to come true for anyone.

yes i believe in karma, as i say to people the karmic arrow never misses , you can hide behind a tree , but it will find you !
take care


i hope that’s true sith xxx

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A man I knew brought his son over during youth deer season to hunt on my property. His son got a deer. The next weekend he came over for the regular deer season and got him self a 10 point buck. I was suppose to get some of the deer meat, but never did. that was 10 years ago
Last year right before deer season I seen the man and mention the deer meat to him. He told me he has not got a deer since he hunted on my place.
Yes I believe in karma.

From the country Ridgerunner

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I never could grasp the concept of karma, ever since back in the 60’s, even when someone explained it to me.

i dunno just posting, matching words and such

i hope karma is a bit friendlier, than the above video.

Everything has karma in it. It’s called cause and effect. If I pull the trigger to a gun a bullet will come out :gun: I hope this helps your causes.

you sound a bit agressive…
you could have said a flower would pop out…


If there is some sort of cosmic karma, it seems to have made a mess of this planet or at least isn’t helping, what with constant wars and poverty and disease epidemics throughout history with no end in sight.

I just figure it’d be easier to show cause and effect with a gun. No offense or anything.

i think in the end, we all get what we deserve. karma is one of the few things i believe in.


really? in the end “we all get what we deserve”

so people who are born handicap with their families being killed thanks to genocides in africa and are left alone in huts trying hard not to waste river water and 1 chicken leg or else they starve got what they deserved?

you karma people are weird. it’s obviously 1 sided opinion… those who are having good lives think they deserved it… hahahahaha, go explain your theory to the famine crisis of africa, the poverty of china, russians without electricity, arabs who walk the streets and die randomly because jihadists bombed the area

you people are not only weird, but very funny

not to be racist, but a realist… the karma thing is an indian from india thing, and ask yourself in a truly honest way… what have those people ever achieved besides poverty?

those who are karmaless, have the biggest wealth… do you think marilyn manson believes karma? yet he seems to be a multi millionaire who is globally famous.

do you think george bush believed in karma after going to wars with people that didn’t matter to US?

do you honestly think, the agencies and corporations who vote for wars in other countries simply to leech their resources care about karma?

do you think a child of the rothschild bank family, when born becomes an instant billionaire somehow snaked through his fetus inner schizophrenia and prayed to some god which honoured him the blessings of finance?

karma does not exist, its another invention of humans, just like good and evil, those dont exist either

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Someone mentioned ‘past lives’ and karma. If you believe in that fine (I don’t) but as to Karma here in THIS life, it’s obvious it isn’t a hard and fast rule. Millions of people suffer who have done nothing to deserve it. Millions of other people are born with a silver spoon in their mouths, and live lives of privilege and leisure but are rotten peoplle who take advantage of others. How does 'Karma" work there? If you believe in Karma, then explain what children do to deserve sexual or physical or mental abuse? And you may argue that Karma will give them better lives when they get older. But it doesn’t work like that for most.They will have those scars on their psyche all throughout their lives.

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I was taught a different concept of karma. I was taught that bad things happen to us because of karma. So anything bad we did catches up with us whether in this life or the next life (not hell or heaven) but we come back as human. I don’t believe in karma at all. I don’t think what happened to you was your fault at all.

past lives thing is why indian society is pathetic.

there is no way for a poor person to climb the ladders, its a system created to manipulate the masses like any other. “your poor huh? awwww poor you, should of been good past life” - while the rich indian enjoys his mansion which he inherited and did not contribute a single hour in helping his entourage.

its again the tiger blood conspiracy, to keep it pure. schizophrenic is a generic disorder thats also comes from these blood lines due to families sticking together. then you wonder why the rich are insane, well theres you clue buddy

i think karma is like what Christ said, ‘‘you reap what you sow’’

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Karma is superstitious horseshit. Just look around and you’ll see the evil prosper and the good suffer. It’s always been like that and it always will be.

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