Questions about Karma

If you believe in Karma then explain why it doesn’t work for everyone across the board.? Why does it come true for some people and not others, and why does it seem to work for people who don’t deserve it but it bypasses good honest people?

I do not believe in Karma. I am not very good at explaining this but I will try to. The idea of Karma is much more complex than “you reap what you sow”. It’s like this. My grandmother has arthritis and she believes she has this because of her deeds in her PAST life.

Yes, that’s what I’m saying, I don’t believe in it either. I don’t believe in past lives either.

I don’t dismiss past lives until they understand fully what consciousness is. I have bad karma with some people in the past of this life. It seems that they have won over me, but perhaps there is hope in the afterlife or in another life. I don’t understand this event in my life that caused me to have sz from the stress of it. Maybe I am paying for something I did in a past life. If that is so, I really am sorry for whatever it was that made deserve this bad treatment.

i don’t really believe in karma but it is nice when bad things happen to nasty people. i think karma was invented by victims with no access to justice. same reason i don’t believe in god…how could a benevolent god allow abuse of men women and children to go unpunished? i wish it were true but i don’t think it is. xxx

I think karma or everything happens for a reason is just people trying to find a spiritual connection with their lives. When its actually people constantly trying to find coincidences. I use to do this but it got obsessive and annoying. I’ve been ripped off several times and they defiantly got what was coming. But the reason bad things happened to them was they where acting desperate because they where in the middle of falling off a cliff while ripping me off. Like one guy ripped me off for crack money and is know homeless. He was going to be homeless anyway.

I dont believe in karma. I am super rational. I am an INTJ on the Myers-Briggs type indicator.

Hey it’s not immediate, things take time you know, everybody get what they deserve, sooner or later.

I don’t believe in karma but wish it to be true. How can a karma exist when innocent, kind-hearted people get abused and the abusers remain unscathed. I would be great for people to get what they deserve. I’m afraid of turning evil too because of my abusers.

karma does not happen when you want to happen, it happens when it is meant to happen.
take care

hope that’s true sith xxx

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