Do you believe in ghosts

I’ve never seen good enough proof that would convince me that they exist.

I share a residence with a handful of spooks that make life a tad difficult.
Evil beings? No, more like Mischievous. They hide things, swipe things, drop them from the ceiling later in my face (usually keys) and occasionally run right past me and my husband in the daylight.
They can be clumsy, knocking over a metal tray of nails and screws onto the hardwood floor-if you think that won’t get your attention! You can hear a heavy glass hitting the hardwood floor and shatter in another room, but never find the cause, except a few shards of glass.
My mom was visiting and we heard a loud metallic sounding item hit the floor, but never found anything on the floor.
My mother in law heard a crash that shook the house and what sounded like an avalanche follow, but after searching, nothing out of place.
I’ve experienced too many things to deny there isn’t some sort of energy-call it what you want-but it does exist, especially around me…and not all of it is benign. There is darkness that will come over only my house (no clouds) that mark the beginning of the strange.
Skeptical, come stay at my house to experience something to remember.

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I’ve lived in a few places like that… minus the dropping keys in face! Moved/hidden keys, yes. Disappearing objects never to be found, yes. Objects appearing out of nowhere, yes. Footsteps when no 3D person is there, phantom dogs, shadow people…all that. Things flying off shelves to hit the far side of the room, yup…

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My grandfathers ghost came to see me right as he died in 1983. That was my father’s father…my mom’s father I used to believe until recently that he was in my closet haunting me…since I posted that belief though ever since I do not believe that anymore just from posting about it…so it does help to write on this forum because it makes us think about what we write…I do believe in ghosts though, totally.

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Oh jeez, how could I have left that out!

In the last month alone things have occurred in one room (that is only mine, locked and off limits to everyone but me) that I have been cleaning up, was stacked with stuff I collected.
These 4 thick foam liners standing vertical in a deep plastic bin, waited until I looked right at it them leaped UP and out of the bin to hit me square in the head! It reminded me of a flying carpet the grace and ease at which the jumped up.
There is also a bare wall I kept stacking plastic tubs with lids up about 5’ high, that would wait until I turned my back on it before it tumbled on me, mind you, these had been stacked for 6 hours or so before they moved.
Every time I tried to cover the window, the push pins would pop out, so I used nails, and in a few minutes those fell out! I grabbed 4" long screws, and they stayed in for a couple of hours, but the window covering would “breathe” and slowly they came out.
Whatever was making this angry at me wouldn’t stop. Every couple of hours things would just topple over (always on me!) as if someone was pushing a long rod through the wall to knock things over that had been in the same spot for hours. This happened always as I was close enough to get hit, but I wasn’t within touching distance.
I must have sounded like a kook yelling at it to stop throwing things at me.
Was kind of funny…

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Sounds like you might need to reign those spirits in a bit if they are messing around that much, pulling out nails and screws.
A couple months ago our storm shelter door was found wide open. The thing is I had closed it and the latch is very tight and actually takes a considerable amount of force to pull the door closed and once the latch is on it pulls back and locks in place. Some people would have a hard time opening it…But we found it wide open, and no one is around here to open it.

Any suggestions as how to reign them spirits in?
The amount of strange has increased tenfold in the last year.
Can’t say the problems are entirely from spirits without a physical body, and I bet one of the sppoks has a brown mustache.

I personally go by faith in Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit, and God will sometimes send Angel guardians and warriors to assist.
There are other methods like working with the Feng Shui of the house, cleaning up clutter that can absorb and hold negative energies, salting with kosher salt, burning sage as a purification, perhaps getting a little fountain with running water, like a small waterfall thing, getting some indoor plants that clean the air like Peace Lillies…but when performing some of these material cleansings one must still exercise the belief that the practices will be backed by a spiritual cleansing. Then you are covering all bases.

I will give a few of those things a try.
This house has become unbearable by the amount of nonsense that makes every single task too complicated.

I wish I did. Not a spiritual bone in my body.

Yes, I have seen several and have witnesses .

I don’t believe nor dis-believe. Instead, I stamp things with probability ratings of being true or not true.

This creates a complex tree like rating structure that provides wisdom. It takes you beyond mere black and white.

To simply believe or dis-believe, means that you have reduced your intellect right down to simple 1’s and 0’s.