Do you believe in angels

In my thinking all significant people on the earth in the past may be angels of today. These are either good or bad angels. We all remember these people and there have been books written about them such as Gandhi, Jesus, Hitler, Muhammed and many others. These are my angels.

no… how old are you if you dont mind me asking?

I developed this my angel thinking in 2001 when I lived in my auto in Los Angeles, in the city of angels. :smile:

There are people who believe in angels. Back in the 1970s I had many penpals around the world and I wrote with them in English and one was in Engelskirchen in West Germany, Engelskirchen is a city and it means the church of angels. Back in those days it took a week or two to receive a letter from West Germany, but you get this angel message in a second.

The Angel in the Whirlwind Inaugural Speech of George Walker Bush 43rd President of the United States … And an angel still rides in the whirlwind and directs this …

I believe there are different planes of existence where Earth is a training ground for souls. Since energy can neither be created nor destroyed, we have all existed eternity past and will exist eternity future. Once a soul “graduates” to a higher plane of existence they are a lightworker. A lightworker brings love, compassion, and light into the darkest parts of the world. People such as Gandhi, Jesus, and Muhammed came to Earth from higher planes of existence. Angels are closer to the universal force, or God, so they are souls that have more light. I’ve seen Angels and have felt their presence. In Buddhism we call them shoten zenjin, and they are the protective forces of the universe. Everything is energy. Beings that have energy that spins at a higher vibration are closer to the universal force and exist on a plane that’s energy is at a higher vibration. Beings that are darker have energy that spins at a lower vibration so their desires and actions are darker. These are theories I’ve learned from different books. They make sense to me and my life so I accept them. :sunny:


When I reflect on a car accident I was in as a teen, I feel there must have been little angels flying around my head right after it happened telling me not to lose it at the truck driver and that I’d be all right.

When in 1998 I started hearing voices that ‘You are with the Devil’ and other dark things like that I started listening some Gregorian angel chanting and this calmed my mind. People have believed in angels thousands of years and so angels must exist.

My conscience has said similar things at times then I remind myself I’m no one special. I listen to guided meditations on you tube … except my voice was saying I am the devil not with him then I begin to think wait what if man never wrote about. Superstition we fall prey

I have seen angels significant to me in visions. As I am not a religious person, I haven’t attributed any meaning to them

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