Is it bad to talk about Angels?

Sometimes I wish I still had the voice of this angel in my head.

But at the same time I’m so glad she’s ‘asleep’ now

Because I don’t know when a voice may turn evil.

Is this allowed to talk about this?

I am not encouraging delusions.

It is purely factual that the voice was nice. Hence, an angel since she wasn’t human aswell since she was in my head.

I think talking about her might make her ‘sleeping’ presence, disappear completely. Maybe it’s the time for her to leave me completely I don’t know…

She could be AI. Who knows, as long as we know it’s all in our head we’re fine

Basically I only have memories of her left. Sometimes I bring forth that memory of her.

So she’s not really ‘there’ 24/7.

Hopefully it’s not AI lol.

I heard angels that I thought were angels but now I know they were not angels. Because angels wouldn’t bully you so horribly.


That’s true… They’re only nice

But this angel you heard, could have turned on you and turned mean. So it’s probably better that you don’t hear it. At first the angels I heard were not bullying really.

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I’m just worried because I know I hear voices but I’m still scared that I’ll become the North Korean dictator. Like I’m worried I may not be schizophrenic, and this is all real. I’m worried there’s like a 1000 Kim Jong Un’s they use to order assassinations. By putting them in certain areas as authorization. Sorry if I’m derailing the post.

It is hard for me to convince you otherwise since you are sort of unwell, clearly.

But as someone who has gone through what you have gone through and is not delusional anymore, I can tell you that this is not true.

You’ll get there eventually, see the clarity of it all.

I used to believe in telepathy not long ago.

It is pretty scary and a slippery slope because sometimes I think hey, what if this is a freak mutation that has caused telepathy.

But fortunately right now I don’t feel the telepathy feeling so
… As long as you recover which you hopefully will, then you will just not feel like those delusions are real anymore.

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Thanks. It’s just my boyfriend is so creepy that I think he’s up to something and doing something behind my back. Like he just casually said “Ya” and that just creeped me out.

I thought you guys had ended it :confused:

Seems like the relationship is stressing you sort of.

To answer the original question again I think it’s okay to talk about what voices we hear as long as you don’t think it will give you more trouble with them later

At times voices didn’t want me to mention them and I didn’t and I do t regret it.

I also think it’s fair to talk about voices as if they were real as they are a product of your brain creating an unbelievably good illusion of one or more sentient beings that you can communicate with on what appears to be another channel of communication and raises your awareness to a higher dimension @LittleMissSlothy

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Yea… I feel comfortable talking about her. Kind of sad she is gone. But also relieved.

I know what you mean. When I first went to hospital my voices were dictating to me what I had to say to the doctors.

It was all censorship and propaganda of the evil voice.

Yeah my voice was telling me I had to eat a sandwich I didn’t want to eat. And it made me throw up. It was controlling and bullying. And they were showing me visions of places where my dad was getting torched (burned severely) and that was the hell I was facing. I fear that’s where I’ll go if the North Korea thing comes true. How do I know if it was telling the truth?

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Yea it is all nonsense.

I mean, I do look back at some themes that came up especially in symbolic sort of ways. To see if I can learn anything from it since it came up via my very own mind.

Like the whole hell thing that was running throughout my psychosis as well as heaven, to me symbolises hellish and heavenly life on earth.

You have to remember that it is actually your unwell mind talking to you so that’s how you can know that you can expect some nonsense

@flowers20, would a healthy mind Bully you into eating something that makes you throw up?

I don’t think so

It’s just I feel the only time I suffered really was before I tried a suicide attempt. All the other times I was comfortable in my bed and felt happy to be comfortable in bed. No suffering. I feel like most people here suffer, and I feel bad for that.

Hm. You’re not responsible to save people, maybe count your blessings that you are not suffering as much as you can imagine.

But it does seem a bit like you are living in fear somewhat because of your delusions.

Yes I do live in fear but that’s about it.