Do you believe in angels in this world


I see them in my Dreams…

When ill in hospital I went up to heavens gates and the angels told me to go back down

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I’ve always in a Guardian Angel, my mother had me praying that since a child:

Angel of God, my Guardian dear,
to who God’s love commence me there,
ever this day, be at my side,
to light, to guard, to rule, to guide. Amen.


Yes there are angels.

I’m pretty sure angels are real. They don’t appear to me but their wisdom comes in silence. If you think what is the first thing a new born learns? Love.

I don’t believe in angels.

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I believe in other beings who are of various natures.

Of course there are the lower levels amonst their orders, angels are nothing but messengers of the higher ups in their power structures.

The bad ones made this hell hole. We literally need to be saved from a horrendously dangerous and hopeless situation.

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I don’t like referring to these spirits as “angels” or “demons”. They’re human “spirits”, bottom-line. “Angels” means “messengers”, messengers of God that is… I don’t like inputing that equation into my mind b/c I have some subtle disturbances with experiencing God.

yeah I believe in angels and demons.

@SoItGoes. You’re also an atheist right?

I guess… yeah wait… totally

Good morning @soitgoes. Don’t get too bent outta shape about angels after all they’re harmless. They say do no harm and they mean it.

I’ve seen too much to b an atheist.

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yes, I believe in angels. but then again, I believe in God too.

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No I don’t believe in angels. I believe most people are decent though.

My mom saw Jesus right b4 she died.

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I believe that @Loke