Do you agree with your partner over money?

Mine has car expenses and its really hard to know how much its costing to run the car but i guess i trust him, hes a lot more sensible with spending than i am


My wife and I are in line with each other over $$$.


He is too sensible with money, he won’t spend anything unless he really has to
He rarely buys anything apart from food and basics
I wish he’d buy new clothes

I’ve had boyfriends jealous of me because i don’t work and they do.

I think I’ve always had seperate finances from my boyfriends.

They have theirs n I have mine and what we do with it is our own business.

Financial abuse is real.

I don’t want a controlling or jealous boyfriend or girlfriend.

I had a couple generous boyfriends but they were so so poor and gave spent their last money on me where I’ve had rich boyfriend cheap and nasty.

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We do generally agree. In fact we’ve never argued or even had any disagreements over money. We are pretty transparent with each other with how much we make and spend.

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My wife and I are on the same page. She does like to spend a bit more than I do, but she earns more as well. Im usually good as long as we’re not homeless :grinning:


Yeah were pretty good. Anything over a few hundred bucks we chat about. Just incase sir level gets any manic ideas lol.


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