Do we really need to walk 10,000 steps a day?


I usually try to aim for 5000 steps.
10000 steps is a ridiculous amount to walk everyday.
My doctor said that it’s fine to walk 5000 steps everyday.

Many times I’ll fall short depending on how motivated I feel.

Even 4000 steps everyday is a healthy amount.

The whole idea is to keep moving.


10,000 steps is the ideal amount of steps whereas 5,000 steps is the average majority of people do.

10,000 steps = 8.11km (ideal) /5 miles
09,500 steps = 7.79km
09,000 steps = 7.38km
08,500 steps = 6.97km
08,000 steps = 6.56km
07,500 steps = 6.09km (above average)
05,000 steps = 4.06km (average)

10000 steps might be ideal for a healthy 30 year old but not an overweight diabetic male with health issues.


LS! Two weeks ago I bought a smartwatch/stepcounter (for 30 euro). Now I monitor how many steps I walk. I fast Thursdays and Sundays and then I have a low activity level. Just 1300 steps. On days that I eat I average 7000 steps plus exercise either dumbbells or rowing machine. I am still in the process of figuring out as to how many steps I should walk to lower my chances of early death.

I need 20,000 a day, I’m only getting over 10,000.

I just really like walking.


When my negative symptoms were better, when on Abilify, I walked daily 20 000+ steps. I walked a lot and went to the gym 2h, elliptical + treadmill, almost daily. This week my average is 7000 steps. I am 30.

The doctor who recommended you drink 8 glasses of water per day can never be reached for comment…he’s always in the bathroom taking a piss.


Yet you’re in bed almost all day ?!!

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u r doin 7000 steps a week… or a day? i’m surprised it’s either given your negative symptoms, but if it was 7k a day, id say u must be improvin

Somedays I force myself to walk 8000-9000 steps in the house. Somedays are about 4000-5000 steps.

A day, I walk in the house, we have stairs.

does all this walkin u r doin mean u r improvin? i remember u said u only got up to eat and go to the restroom.

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And you only shower once per week?

@schizo_freak @firemonkey

Once or twice I did 18 000 steps in the house, I looked crazy going back and forth in the house lol

It depends on the week, some weeks my average is close to 5000. We have a big house with stairs so I am forced to walk.

@firemonkey @schizo_freak

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I think any regular walking is good for you. I aim for at least 10 ,000 but most days do double. The important thing is regular!!

I’m probably there next to him. Too much green tea!

A doc of mine said walking for at least 30 minutes continuosly in one go a day is enough to keep the body well, so that’s what I do mostly. I might skip it if I’ve been at work, but I have a job that requires me to move a lot and be physical.

However it’s great to go for long mountain hikes, then the body feels great afterwards.