Songs speak to me

I believe that songs were written just for me especially certain ones…They speak to me and I can hear them in my head while not listening to them. I don’t mind it its honestly very interesting but depressing songs suck to speak to me I,m special thank you I know this song is about me

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It’s just your brain inflammation putting you in a gullible state. That’s why ideas of reference are so prevalent to a schizophrenic. They think the environment is giving them secret messages.

Normal people don’t give a ■■■■ about those “messages”. They’re just random noise to them.

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That is a delusion, right?

No its not :open_mouth:

It’s called “delusion of reference”. It’s a very common symptom. I have the same, and i’m schizotypical.


Yes it is.

Snap out of it.

But you can’t, because brain inflammation makes you gullible.

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I had it too, it’s common


Im sorry I snapped out of it went through A small episode

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Here’s One I Enjoy Singing Along With (!!!).

And After Noticing The Endlessly Many Views Thus Video Has,

I’m Not Alone.

AND NEITHER ARE YOU (!!!)… . … :100:


You’re Funny @mboston117… . … :100:

I love that song


Favorite Song Ever!.

Over The Entire Globe, Earth, Planet.

In The Ever Expanding Enjoyable Amazing Universe… . … :100:

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Imagine Dragons is by far my favorite band. I wonder when their next album or single will come out. This is the most recent music video that theyve made.

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Yeah theyre pretty cool

My Favorite Song EVAH…,




‘Everything in it’s Right Place’ (By) Radiohead.

Although I Enjoy Every Single Song They Have Ever Recorded Since The Beginning

Kid A May Be My Favorite Album

But I LOVE ‘Amnesiac’.

‘In Rainbows’ Comes From a Dark Place in Time in My Life, So I Really Needed That Release

Although ‘Palo Alto’ Was My Walking Around The Neighborhood Song Long Ago

Before The Neighborhood Hated My Guts

I Guess I Insulted Their Freedom to Be Meaningless

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I never listened to much Radiohead, Ill have to check them out more


A Good Start?.

Let’s See…

Start With ‘Amnesiac’.

And Jump into The Ep With ‘Gagging Order’.

And Then Jump From Every Album And Song Randomly.

You Win Either Way Regardless… . … :100:

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Interesting Choice of Words

I Actually Don’t Know

Nor Care

What it Means to You

or Anyone Else


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