Do voices ever go away?

Do the voices people hear in their head ever go away!

I wish mine would. I’m really struggling

my voices quiten down a lot on medication.but i get sideffects from mediication.mostly shaking.sleeping.

I’m functional with about a 2/3rds reduction in voices. If you totally zonk me, like 80 mg of Haldol a day, they will go away, but at a hell of a price. Not worth it.

Yes, mine go away. They come back, though, but don’t have significant influence over me. More like just passing someone on the street.

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Yes since I’ve been on meds they have gone away almost completely for now.

Mine did. I occasionally hear fragments, but they’re mostly completely gone

Mine have for the most part gone away, they return when I am under stress.

Mine have also mostly gone, sometimes I hear whispers and they get louder when under stress

They always come back

They went away :pray:. Future will tell if they stay away.

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