Do u ever wish u had different delusions

i think our delusions are made out of our worst fears…it makes me wish mine were different so they wouldnt bother me as bad…mine are always around being framed, followed, stalked, killed, poisoned, defamed, government, my body…sometimes i wish it was something that scares me less, like religion, or aliens or something


Aliens, matrix, truman, mustache in brain,
cameras etc


I don’t wish for other delusions.
It doesn’t make a difference


Heaven and hell, tesserractive control, conspiracy, meaning in cartoons.
I would love the discussion of heaven and hell to cease.

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That is so interesting because, I kinda convinced myself that spiritual/religious were the most unbearable.(which I have)

Thanks for some insight into my hang ups with this.


Right? Often play w concepts of eternality which can be very scary.

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I used to wish I had different delusions now I see it really does not matter.

This helps me accept my situation better.

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I have had some really nice delusions. They made me happy. Maybe too happy. At one point, I use to think I was DJing for the world (think Ultra Miami) when I had my solo youtube music listening sessions in my room.

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The delusions regarding torture

Because it feels like kind of real

Especially when I hear about things going on in Ukraine, not just bombing, worst is there may be more things going on we just don’t know about there.

I worry about how this will unfold.

Well I try not to, but it concerns me, especially as I live in Europe.

I read things about torture methods to the Ukrainians.

It’s really terrible

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I have three requests.

  • I want the exact opposite: to get rid of my religious delusions for something else.

  • I want more mania-delusions and less depression-delusions. I loved the moments where nature brimmed with life and euphoria and connection. I’ll have more of that, please. Less worst-person-in-the-world-delusions.

  • I want delusions of things that I can factcheck. Rather than things that technically could be true, and nobody can disprove. E.g. I want: “if I wear a blue jacket, my friend will hit me” > wears blue jacket > is not hit > yay, delusions unmasked to be untrue.

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I wish I had no delusions unmedicated. That way I wouldn’t have to take medication. I only have delusions medicated.

I got a natural high from my manic grandiose delusions a long time ago when I was on an antidepressant.

Today my delusions are extremely paranoid and persecutory

I only get delusional off my meds

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I actually have worse fears than aliens so I have no idea how they became such a foundational part of my delusional framework. It probably could have been something worse, so I’ll just be grateful that I was given a problem that turned out to be manageable.

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Yup… I wish it’s somewhat more creative with which I can write a story… There are lots of creative people who have turned mental illness into a boon than a curse… I wish I was one of them… Like John nash, Virginia wolff, Robert Downey Jr. etc…


I’m guilty of this. I was raised as religious all of my life, and since I experienced psychosis from an extremely young age (started around like 5), my delusions and hallucinations seem to have attached themselves to the easiest thing; The belief in what we can’t see.

I think my wish that I would have experienced something different comes from shame around my experiences, though. Looking back, I realize I appeared like something out of an Ari Aster film. A devoted occultist being “guided” by voices beyond. I want to tell people to not be afraid of people like me, yet I also looked like something out of a literal horror film I can compare myself to, and I realize how that can come across.


Mine focused a lot on good and bad spirits.

I’m going to start practising spirituality in order to strengthen my spiritual protection in case such a thing does exist.


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Yea, all the wars in the world.

You make a good point


Perfectly said! I 100% agree with you!

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