Do they voices have you feel there anger?

Do the voices have you feel there anger like though a feeling in your body

Not a feeling but they can yell and get louder.

Yes! The minute they get violent I feel negative. They push me to become violent and I have to try and think of good, positive things.

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Do get a feeling of them geting mad in your body,?

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Yeah. That’s one reason I became anorexic in my early teens. They were always yelling at me for eating. They would narrate my life and my mistakes. I hated them yelling at me.

Did you get feelings in your body like psychic projection?


Yes, I did. It’s called psychosomatic symptoms. Are you familiar with conversion disorder?

Thanks really helpful

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I don’t know what that means. Could you elaborate?

Hard to explain but like when you could feel evil or get a vibe?

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I’d say that’s pretty common

Oh yeah, I get that.

I’ve communicated in my mind with them before, and it was sort of like I had an argument in my own mind if that’s what you’re saying? And of course it was making me mad at other people too, even though it was full on delusional

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