Do "they" know

I can still hear peoples thoughts and I know what they think…the medication isn’t working…

Are you sure you hear their thoughts?
It might be something slightly different going on if you think about it…

Luckily my med. quits the voices enough that I can ignore them.

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If it is not working got to your pdoc have it adjusted. Time is precious.

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When I started really hearing voices, I was sure I was getting sonic hearing and could hear every voice in the city. But after a while I came to realize that it was the voices because they were starting to say the same thing over and over and I was starting to recognize some of them.


It’s a curse or a blessing but it accounts to what…of what use is nonsense …

Maybe you could try a different medication.

try a different med. unever know, u might find one that gets rid of them completely.