Do the change in seasons affect you?

I find as fall approaches things go a little wonky with symptoms.

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I love the Autumn. but as the days become increasingly shorter, my depression kicks in, so it seems.

Yeah i like autumn too. It just feels like my biological time clock is way off. Totally awake at night totally asleep during the day.

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I find that during the spring and summer months I feel depressed and lethargic, but during the fall and winter, I feel happier.


Yeah, depression kicks in but I love autumn.

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Spring makes me giddy, which is fun, but ultimately leads to more psychosis. Winter tends to make me sad, because I the sun is down by the time I leave work.

The seasons only affect me a little. January and February are the worst months for me because they are cold, but I don’t get depressed or anything in these months.

Spring is a hard one, summer is ok, fall can be haphazard, winter is good.

Psychological Im pretty much always screwed up but my allergies really kick during the change of season.

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Depends on where I’m living and what the seasons are like. I’m on the east coast now and season change affects me a great deal here. The winters here are horrible, disgusting. My anger and depression spikes during winter. Summers are grossly humid and hot and doesn’t help my mood either.

Mainly I don’t really like the east coast :cry: no offense to any native east coasters

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For me it depends if its an active winter for me or not and if the video games that winter are any good. If I’m outside a lot playing in the snow and the games coming out are awesome (which this year they will be) then it won’t be too bad. If it’s cold and I don’t do anything I’m miserable. The summer is a bit different. It’s less of a gamble of me being miserable but I actually find I’m a little more upset since I don’t have a great social life.

I lived in the Bay Area for over a year. The constant rain and the unpredictable weather made me depressed. I imagine living in Washington would produce similar feelings. Sometimes I think I have a touch of SAD because of what I experienced. But it could also have been because of the stress of school or the prodromal stage of sz. Now that I’m sick and live in So Cal, I’ve noticed my symptoms flare up during the summer. I think it’s a combination of heat and sunshine. My eyes are sensitive to the light and reality gets distorted because of it. The 90+ degree heat just stresses me out. We don’t have air conditioner too so the house gets over 80 degrees inside.

Funny thing was it was the opposite years ago. I almost experienced a hypomania during the summers.

i do better in cold climate…
my head goes scrambled in hot :sunny:
take care :alien:


Being a native Seattleite… we do have light spectrum lamps and Public service announcements reminding us to get out into the sun when we can and take the vitamin D.

But I usually LOVE the rain.

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Absolutely, I struggle from Depression and when winter comes I end up with SAD. I moved to Latin America to get away from it and then ended up here with my son in the fall so I will likely be dealing with it for a little while this year.

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I’m most symptomatic when the season changes from winter to spring.
I get unwell every year.

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So it seems a lot of us are sensitive to the seasons. Good to know


I like all seasons - except really hot weather - and Autumn and Spring are my favourites.


I have no idea but i hear voices every May/June and they leave me in a month or two.

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