Do police monitor this forum?

The last day or two I wrote about my significant other years ago who worked for the police department. Just on the news an officer was charged with an illegal records search. It looks like the police are catching people I talk about.

I highly doubt the police monitor this forum.


Maybe so. I think I was a psychic advisor for the police.

Psychic powers I believe to be real. Unfortunately I think people with mental illness either cannot process it properly, or are totally overwhelmed by it all

For me it’s both, but on meds I have more clarity and control over it

I have died many times, and nobody can convince me otherwise that what I experienced was any different

Might be considered ■■■■■■■ nuts, but I am not bothered

You don’t see me kneeling to any type of ‘god’ (Yep, ‘g’ lowercase…Ouch)

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Police have more important things to do than monitor forums. I know this as when I was psychotic I wrote on fb dangerous terrorist stuff. I didn’t have a problem until I death threatened someone as he wasn’t believing that I was God. That person reported me to the police as I posted under my real name. Police came to my house and told me he reported me. They told me to never talk to that person again. My brother told them I stopped my sz meds. Then they left. One was a federal agent and showed me his badge.


I did this for over a year until the incident happened.


Well I’ll stick my neck out. It really seems too coincidental my significant other worked in Records and an officer is charged with an illegal records search.

They probably have a computer doing it for them I guess

If I was to say:

“I am going to blow up a train”, I bet a red light just woke up someone behind a desk somewhere

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its likely you posting about authoritative stuff is making you paranoid. Its like if I post and say my uncle was in the italian mob.
If that were true I could get paranoid about thinking ‘‘maybe cops read this forum’’

natural response to feel paranoid posting in public about stuff like that.

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You didn’t mention his real full name here though. So how would they know?

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My significant other really did work in Records decades ago.

yeah but you posted about it and now your paranoid that it caused something.

Thanks a good point, but I have occasionally posted my picture. Maybe this isn’t so though. It was back in the late 1990’s early 2000’s that I worked in the convenience store and all the cops knew me.

It was actually a truck stop and I waited tables in the restaurant. They used to give a discount to first responders. It was mostly cops though.

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It may also make me paranoid if I knew cops. Once I went to my uncle’s friend house and there was a kid there who told me his dad is a cop. His dad, the cop, is married to the daughter of the friend of my uncle.

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Thanks Aziz. The only time I got into trouble was I knew both the cops who were going to testify at a trial I was supposed to serve as a juror for. I had to ask the judge to excuse me because I would be inclined to believe their testimony.

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Well I put this topic in Unusual Beliefs. If I were off my meds, I would be upset with them monitoring me and broadcasting it on the tv. It’s like I don’t care about it anymore.

I don’t care either

That’s what separates the people from those having insight and the ones that do not

Simply not caring is enough in my book


Thanks Joker. 1515

I’d personally say that it’s highly unlikely that local police are monitoring this site.

If anyone is, I’d say a federal agency is much more likely to have someone monitoring this site. Just my guess. But I have no proof either way on this.

As for your specific situation. It sounds like a coincidence. You did not mention his name.

Did they say that it was your former significant other or was it just some random police officer?

Edit: And it may be as Joker said , that a computer might be doing it, if federal authorities did monitor this site for some reason.


I’ve seen no evidence of it. I think if the police ever discovered this site and monitored it for several weeks they would not find anything of interest or anything that would worry them(for the most part) and they would think we’re harmless and go back to ignoring us like everybody else does.