Do people with sz/sz-a lack common sense?

I wonder about that. Whether even if they are of above average intelligence they have difficulty applying it to practical , real life situations .


I don’t think you’re above avarage intelligece no offense but you don’t see like an inteligent person (no offense)

Usually intelligence makes you better in all domains (real inteligence) or at least above avarage and in worse case scenario avarage

But you struggle to much with little things, I tend to think you have some mental inteligence deficit

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My psychiatrists over the years would very much disagree with you. Have you ever heard of ?

It’s poor thinking to say that real intelligence is being good in all domains. Whereas most have a VIQ-PIQ gap that’s < 10 there’s a small amount that have a gap significantly larger than that. In other words they have a spiky profile. That indicates, to use American terminology, the strong probability of a learning disability as opposed to an intellectual disability. A learning disability is found in people with average or above intelligence.

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So you consider yourself inteligent but incapable?

I have difficulty with some things rather than being uniformly incapable. I think you need to look up things and educate yourself before posting further comment.

That’s very weird because I know a lot of people who are pretty smart maybe not intelligent as you are but are very funny/capable/understanding/loving/kind and have Manny accomplishments

There’s no need to threat me because you are insecure. I’m just trying to understand how an inteligent person can have so Manny problems with simple tasks who require a minimal inteligence to do.

It could be the sz dx but I’ve also seem people with sz even on this forum who are struggling a lot but not with simple tasks

I guess I’m puzzles, maybe I can ask you a few question

I lack a common sense socially or at least a defect in functioning socially. I have some book knowledge but you need both to do well in life.

I’m not threatening you. I’m just saying you need to read up on the issue.


Normies too can lack common sense

That applies to me too.

That’s true,but I wonder whether it’s a stronger factor with those who are sz/sz-a.

I know I’ve lacked common sense which might be related to being very ill

I think my common sense has regressed since becoming ill. I notice it most at work, where I try to keep up with the my business, but it can very hard sometimes

I’ve lacked some serious common sense sometimes and it ■■■■■■■ is so annoying!! But anyways, life lessons

Before I was properly medicated I did some really stupid things.
I got into a lot of trouble.
I was a different person back then.
But I don’t think I’ve ever lacked common sense.
I don’t think others with sz/sza lack common sense either just because they are sick.

I think that’s a great question. I have to really concentrate on things like paying bills, etc. I have trouble prioritizing things like dental check-ups and doctor visits. And I find it nearly impossible to plan for the future. It’s all so hypothetical to me somehow.
My inner-life, my mind, takes so much of my time and energy.

I don’t really know. Most people seem to consider that lots of people lack common sense. I don’t have enough experience with people with this diagnosis to tell them apart.

I also don’t really care if you’re intelligent or not. Common sense is hard to come by, because of a variety of factors that affect the intelligent and the ignorant differently.

Its funny that I was reading dsm 5 and I stumble on learning disabilities.

It’s true that in exceptional cases, very rare cases a person with a high iq and rational giftness can have a learning disability.

Now what are learning disabilities? You probably don’t know.
They are problems in understanding meaning of a text, reading issues, might include dixlesia, calculus problems but mostly reading and understanding text.

Now for someone who posts articles everyday and participate In a forum is safe to say you don’t have a leaning disability. And from you’re tests that are so acurrate btw you seem to be very verbally skilled(that’s what you claim)

Now. I haven’t seen you post a rationalment test aka cognitive ability test.(the ones with images wich you claim you’re terrible at) It’s safe to say you have been embarrassed by the results.

Last, I think you’ve mixed up born abilities like cognitive giftness with learning abilities like verbal skills.

The point is that you were not born intelligent, but you’ve manage to learn some verbal skills.

Your point is moot, you are in no position to judge anyone else.
Anyway, why are you so obsessed with putting another person down?
Your time would be better spent trying to uplift someone’s spirit.
People on here have enough problems, they don’t need your bull$hit.


I agree .

Your (frog balance)tone to fire monkey seems rather nasty.

We don’t need that here.
Instead it’s nicer to be supportive and well mannered to one another.

I really do not agree with your view on intelligence .
Not that I am knowledgeable about intelligence but I believe in a spiritual wisdom to who and all we are.

You did well firemonkey and I hope you were not upset by such posts.

I have not seen much of you on the forum frog :frog: balanced and what I have seen has seemed fine but these posts seem attacking towards :fire: firemonkey​:monkey: and I don’t think that’s ok and I’m surprised the moderators haven’t seen it as a personal attack that was out of line.

Anyway I’m not sure about my common sense.:open_mouth:

I sometimes don’t see solutions that are right there and sometimes I might see something complicated.

I struggle with things and socialising etc

I truly believe that their are geniuses or brilliant beings that can not function properly in society so I truly don’t agree with you frog balance who seems to think if you can’t do simple things you are not intelligent?

I think some of the brightest you may come across can be totally incapable of functioning in society and can sometimes not even do personal care and need help with everything yet they may be genius in another way.

I see spiritual intelligence or I don’t see intelligence as society does .