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Do meds help with disorganized symptoms?


Do meds help with disorganized symptoms ?
Some experience ?


Antipsychotics are not designed to treat negative symptoms and a number of them can even aggravate them. Antidepressants may help depending on what the symptoms are. Otherwise I’m sure people on here could say a bunch of different supplements or whatever they take.


Idk i don’t have disorganized schizophrenia. I know that disorganized schizophrenia is very difficult to treat.


I know to!! Just waitting new meds and experimenting…


I also have disorganized symptomS. .med help it a bit …


:(( what kind of disorganized symptoms do you have ? Hard to explain? And how help if you don’t mind me asking.


My disorganized symptom are hard to organised any thought…i feel bad to plan any activities similarly diffcult to execute and plan…


So confusing, true??


Yes, medications do help with disorganized schizophrenia, but the improvement often isn’t as dramatic as with hallucinations and delusions:

Also, this same antipsychotic (Amisulpride) has proven beneficial in the prodromal phase of schizophrenia (so it can stop early symptoms from turning into full psychosis):

Antipsychotics have sometimes been beneficial in treating simple schizophrenia as well:


Never lose hope! :slight_smile:


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Haha yes use that bike - it will be good for you!! :slight_smile:

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