Do meds cause shaking?

Do meds cause shaking?



Bill nye the science guy?


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Yes. I shake all the time. It embarrasses me.

i have a theory and i could be wrong. meds reduce dopamine. parkisons is caused by reduced dopamine. see the connection?

idk though

Its possible but I think its more complicated as there is many movement problems caused by meds, tremors, tardive dyskinesia, akathisia, etc

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Both antipsychotics and mood stabilizer can cause tremor. =/

I just slightly shake. Is that tremors?

I shook a little bit before I took med’s, and I shake a little bit now. I don’t know if I shake more now. I’m not worried about it.

What body part shakes? I had eyelid tremors from Risperdal before. It disappeared after switching ap. Now I am back on Risperdal and no tremors.

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maybe your nervous

Too much caffeine makes my muscles twitch too.

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my eye will twitch from too much caffeine

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Yes they cause shaking, my left hand shakes all the time, and my right has tick’s.

I get this.

Have to take Procyclidine to counter it.

No where near as bad on Amisulpride as I was on Haloperidol

Meds can cause restless leg syndrome. I have it so I take my meds at 10pm to reduce the symptoms.

And it can cause akathisia.