Do i need more time for the paranoia?

ok, I am sick since 2 decades. plus, a lot of smoking weed in my past. so my current paranoia is tough. I wen out today but I feel uncomfortable when the others are watching me. I talked to my pdoc on the phone to be sure if its paranoia. she said-yes… she said that I have a great improvement on Zyprexa but we’ll try again the 25 mg of Seroquel. I couldn’t stand the 50 mg… but honestly, maybe I have to push myself more cause with me, the meds are not a big help… but how to do it when I am already tired of this paranoia? I cant already sit in a coffee outside with a friend, I have the impression that ill go mad… its been 11 months that I am on Zyprexa. do you really think that I need more time on it? my doc says the isolation makes us worse, I talk to myself in my head a lot. just dumb things in general… from what you know, is the paranoia a tough symptom to cure?
otherwise, I try to accept my situation but I want to live better one day and I am not sure if this will happen when I am so afraid of going out, wow.
hugs people, please share your experiences with this ■■■■■■■ symptom- the paranoia…


Have you tried Abilify. Out of all the antipsychotics I’ve taken Abilify is the only one to help me go outside and stop the paranoia. You could ask your doc to give Abilify a trial run. I was like you, I hated going out, but Abilify fixed that for me. Everyone is different as well. No matter what anyone tells you the side effects are, you may not experience them or you might, because everybody is different. I would try and get it sorted and try a newer med, because some people can’t tolerate older antipsychotics and do better on the newer ones.

ive tried abilify three times. and I couldn’t handle it because of the anxiety and in fact, it made worse my paranoia. all my pdocs says that I am a strange case when it comes to the meds. Zyprexa is helping me to suffer less, to be less tormented and more vivid already but the paranoia is still here.

Your case is surely worst than mine, so I really don’t have the wisdom to tell you anything, but I’ll tell you what my pdoc told me. More or less, he said: “mental illnesses are delicate so you need to know that they take time. Delusions take time to be supressed. Paranoia takes time. You shouldn’t worry about it, just focusing on strategies to manage your time and avoid overthinking.”

I know it’s not much, but I hope it helps you.

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ok, thanks for the message darth :slight_smile: the paranoia is some form of delusion is that right? yeah, mine will take time to be relieved cause I live isolated since too long… I find also that I lack fantasy, I lack some form of reasoning too. I still talk very few… but do you really believe in the time against the paranoia? I try to distract myself the more I can but sometimes I get angry of my current situation… ill just try once again the 25 mg of Seroquel. I think for me, the better aps are still the sedative ones…


Darth it is good that you have the decency to admit her case is worse than yours.
Many people don’t have that decency unfortunately.

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yeah… I really think ive made my brain a big mess with all the weed I have taken… it was about 10 joints per day for about 5 years in total isolation with a mi already… I wasn’t diagnosed at the time. I wouldn’t smoked so much if I knew it… but it was too much. plus, now when I think about it, ive smoked probably a big bad stuff… my dealers were no good at all…

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I believe healing is possible. Perhaps not 100% healing, but possible up to a point. However, it takes time. My pdcoc told me that six to eight months of focused therapy and medication and cope strategies is the minimal amount of time. And you can relapse. The thing is, if you feel bad you’ve to learn to find the good.

What worked for my paranoia was to think about the logistics. I said to myself “this is impossible because there is too many persons” when I had the delusion that I was a writer read by lots of people but none of them was willing to tell me that they were reading me.

Just remind yourself that it is your brain freaking out over nothing. It’s a false alarm. I find it really helps me to know that I am just experiencing a paranoia attack and it will pass and I am not in any real danger.

yeah, I am always telling to myself that its a false alarm but it doesn’t get better. I really feel uncomfortable when others are watching me outside. I feel like judged…I dont feel in danger in fact. my paranoia is based on the impression that others see that I am ill… its just that.

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I wouldn’t worry about people judging
Most people are kind
I go out to volunteer every morning today I came home with paranoia
Sadly for me the paranoia hasn’t gone but I manage it by exercise and going out
It sucks because I really want to go to bed and wake up normal
I want to do so much but really I am crippled
I see psychiatrist in April but don’t think they’ll do much