Do I legally have to take my meds?

Do I legally have to take my meds? I am from Canada and I don’t really know the laws regarding this, if anyone know that would be great.

If you are under a psychiatrists care - they do have the power to Hospitalize you - If you are a danger to yourself or others.
You can be court ordered to take meds but I dont think that you are in this situation - but I could be wrong.

My psychiatrist thought that I did not want to take my meds any longer, so she kind of threatened to Hospitalize me - but legally she cannot do this because I was not a danger to myself or violent to others - it was a misunderstanding on her part.

I do not know the laws in Canada regarding taking meds - but I have a feeling its similar to the laws here in the States

If you have been in trouble with the law and have a court order requiring you to take medication, then, yes. If you’ve never been ordered to by a court, then, no. Caveat: If you are involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric facility, your doctor has the ability to force medication upon you if you are not compliant. Your commitment is periodically reviewed according to the laws of the province you live in.


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I mean no, not if you aren’t a lawful citizen and in good standing. I take my medication as prescribed and I have a doctor and I’m proactive about my mental health. I’ve been trying to achieve full independence but it got kinda difficult. I almost hospitalized myself, but I didn’t because I wasn’t sure if it would help. Technically you are somehow dangerous or suicidal if you need hospitalized. They typically do not hospitalize manic or psychotic people unless someone advocates power of attorney over them, even then its tricky here.


You may or may not legally have to take the medications - but I really encourage you to think about what is going to help you live a good life. Read the results of people’s experiences below:


SzAdmin is correct. If you are having problems with ongoing positive symptoms of the type that are associated with SZ or SZA, you will most likely benefit from taking meds. The stability they provide almost always outweighs the negative side-effects.



In australia doctors can force you to take medications. You have to go to the chemist each time and take meds in front of them.

It all comes down to “medical power of attorney” and “conservatorship” in the US and Canada.



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