Do I have to wear a mask throughout the flight duration?

@bobbilly did you wear a mask on your flight to Sri Lanka ? I’m talking about the long flights.

Just open up a can of soda and sip it very slow…

I’m ok with wearing one I’m just curious plus I’m sitting near the toilets so I have no option but to wear one.

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Yes I wore a mask on the flight there and back from Sri Lanka, only took it off when eating and drinking.

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Airplane companies are starting to forbid drinking because people do exactly that.

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I don´t really get how can you forbid drinking. Especially in a long flight. For a stupid mask. It´s vs. human rights.

Masks saves lives dude

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They have forbidden it because people bypass the mask rules by sipping on drinks for a very long time.

Mask regulationd are there to prevent spreading the virus even more.

I agree people should be allowed to drink, but it’s people who bypass the rules like this, that ruin it for everyone else.


I really don´t see the need of mask (which I doubt their effectiveness) on people on board of a plane. All of them have vacunation certificate or negative PCR.

The airplane companies want to show that they have “strict” covid measures.

By the way, I don´t enjoy long flights. And I don´t enjoy wearing a mask for a long period of time. The passengers have their own stress while flying, they shouldn´t be forced to follow “strict measures” in that regards. They should be more empathetic.

You can infect others even if you test negative or have been vaccinated.
The fastest way pandemics spread are by cramming a bunch of people into a small space for an extended period of time and then releasing them into large crowds.

Masks are a minor inconvenience. Dying from covid is a major inconvenience.

I think it’s very selfish to not bother wearing a mask for a few hours, thus risking infecting others.

Maybe you should read up on how masks work.

Then then plane should take other measures like limiting the amount of people that are able to board in.

Masks are almost useless in that situation. They are only there to bother the passengers with their stupid rules.

I didn’t experience any difficulties wearing a mask on the plane.

They do take those measures too.

If you think the rules are stupid, you’re free to not go flying.

Your inability to grasp science should not cause other people an inability to stay alive!

They’re were people not wearing their masks properly on the flight and the air stewardesses didn’t say anything to them and only asked politely to put their masks on when landing.

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