COVID treatments and prevention are still improving – so the longer you can


Nowadays everywhere that you go people are less and less wearing their masks. In fact some of them look at you strange if you are wearing one and they are not. As far as I know it’s still a deadly disease, best not to take chances.

Without exception, I always wear a KN95 mask when in indoor public areas. I sometimes wear an N95 mask if I feel there’s siginicant increased risk. As far as I know, I have not had covid, so this seems to be effective.

Recently, I had a brain MRI and they kept saying I dont need to wear a facemask. I insisted on wearing one anyway–they had disposable face masks available where they had removed the metal nose wire since you cannot wear metal in an MRI. It was a little uncomfortable since they also put a helmet-like face coil that clamps over your head. I was able to breath fine and I felt safer with a facemask since I was in the confined MRI tube for about 45 minutes.

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I’m getting heat from people who don’t wear masks even though I have to. Ironically, the only places I don’t get trouble is at medical facilities where masks are still required. Staff is always grateful when I toddle in already wearing one. They said people get upset when asked to put one on. Apparently some people don’t believe in wearing them anymore and are actually outraged when they have to.

I’m exempt from wearing a mask , but will wear one if it’s essential to do so.

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I still carry one in my back pocket but hardly ever use it. I have some vending machines in two old folks homes and they used to require a mask but not anymore. One you used to have to take your temperature before you went in there but not anymore.

I still wear one when I go to the VA but only go for dental anymore. Everything else is virtual.

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