Do i have inner life?

the others are saying they re excited, they feel this or that and i cant speak like that. its like a dont have an inner life… i hope this will get better one day…

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i told my mom that i dont feel emotional, she says that i have feelings but they are hurted… doesnt know if haldol will help me. i have some kind of paranoia as well, i live between this 4 walls of my apartment here, it sucks…

Anna, when you say ‘inner life’ you mean that you don’t romanticize or get excited about stuff around us, right?

In other words it takes a little bit of imagination for appreciation/reverence?

I’ve found myself euphoric some afternoons after a couple of beers and good songs on the net but I don’t suspect that good feeling is meant to be constant otherwise it would become stale.

However I do know years back when I suffered a depression nothing held my interest and those were sad times indeed because not only was I hurt inside but I was also bored all day long. That depression eventually passed.

Most times I am pre-occupied enough with my activities to feel content - not ecstatic but content and contentment is enough for me.

yes,i am bored and cant stop the negative thinking… i feel like a real invalide. i dont goo out,my head will explode because of this thinking,cant see the light in the tunnel…:frowning:

Hi Anna - this sounds like what are called “negative symptoms” - and they are frequently a difficult issue to deal with when you have schizophrenia, but there are things that you can do that will improve things.

Check out these posts and let us know if this is what you’re talking about.

and here are some things that might help:



N-Acetyl cysteine (NAC)

thanks szadmin… i really feel disabled,its my thinking…i cant stop think of the illness, i dont know if i should count on meds…i just do internet and tv in the day and i am so frustrated and bored… i have an inner monologue in the sens that i think a lot about myself as disabled…thats the biggest part of my thinking… somebody who got through this?

It gets better, we get used to the illness.

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minnie,were you closed in your house as me because of the paranoia? it hurts. i cant imagine a better future right now…

Yes - all the guys in the first thread of SzAdmin’s post. (Negative symptoms- do they get better?)

Yeah, I like to be home. I try and go out at least once a day now. The first few months I couldn’t even get out of bed, then started to go to the living room to watch tv, then started to go out for little things like coffee. Now I try and leave the house everyday for at least a little bit. But somedays it is a struggle.

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ok darling,thanks… i am not ready to go out still… i was even worse on clozapine… you dont wrok now isn’t it? you would like to do it?

I’m going back to school. I’m taking a degree in tradicional chinese medicine, that will force me out of the house and to socialize.

sounds great. this a problem of me,no- to think a lot about illness(racing thoughts)? meds can help?

I think the meds help with the racing thoughts, just have to give them time to work. About obsessing over the disease, well let’s just say you’re not alone, we all have that. Exercise helps, when I go swimming I don’t think about it.

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yeap… my doc just told me to think of positive things… easy to say,its my disease in fact to think in negative… glad you re going more outside. i hope my paranoia gets better,its tough to go away…

Do you have a therapist to help you?

Generally people do best when they have a therapist that helps the psychological aspects of the disorder, and a psychiatrist to help you with the medications.

yes,i go in group therapy but it doesnt help me… still the same hell here