Do any people on here stay home all the time?


I am mainly indoors. Once a week I go grocery shopping. I go to 2 groups per week. At the weekend I stay with my mum and we go walking.

I want to be able to enjoy getting out more a bit though this year.


I basically don’t go out except for groceries once a month or to the doctors appointments. I spend my days online, cooking, cleaning or sometimes visiting with friends that come by. Oh we do have some friends that live at our apartments that we go visit every once in awhile, it’s nice. They have little ones, so I get to see the kids and it lifts my spirits a bit.


I stay on the couch waiting to die. no hope…


I wish I could stay home everyday.

So much goddamn pressure on me to perform.


I second @anon20318121 , it just feels like too much stress some days to perform up to par with everyone else. How else does one explain my reason for being slower when we have to go quick some times?

Other than working, I do have a tendency to isolate myself and stay home though.


I have been in my apartment for the last 15 years. I go out for a walk in the summer time, and go out to get food, but I have not conversed with a person long enough to learn of their name during those 15 years.


I mainly go out for groceries, appointments and support group. I live in a small town and have no friends irl, so there’s not much for me to do. Not to mention, I have little money.




Yeah, there’s lots of nice people on here.


i live in a group home and usually try to walk to the gas station everyday to get tobacco or a drink or something to snack on. other than that i stay in my room most of the day and sometimes go to the day room to talk to other residents or staff about how im feeling.

other than that in my time spent in my room i do a lot of research online. as well as listening to music and reading books. mostly about religion topics or stuff about mental health such as schizophrenia. i like to read about others experiences about what i deal with too.


Hello there friend. Time passes, we may feel alone, but we are above the rest. I wish we had a get together center where we could meet in person and give each other a dam good hug.


Yes, I stay home most of the time. I study from home too and if I’m meeting a friend, they’ll usually come here. I do grocery runs by myself like once or twice during the week, and if its a weekend, I’ll shop with my mom. I also go to appointments with my mom.

During the Summer I try and get out a bit more though.


Home all day long and all night long :blush:


I mostly stay at home. Go out for walks here and there. At home I play video games, listen to music, solve puzzles and what not.


I go through phases of staying home most of the time and going out and hanging with friends. I’m hoping I can get back in school soon, just not sure when.


most of the time I stay at home. I have nowhere to go. I don’t enjoy activities. and i don’t enjoy staying at home either but I have no option. I don’t enjoy anything so the easiest thing for me to do is to stay on the couch watching stupid tv


I go out twice a week. Once to visit an elderly lady with Alzheimer’s next door (that’s part of my volunteer job), and once more to go to my volunteer job’s weekly meeting. And that’s it.


Going out takes a lot out of me.

When I refused to leave apartment in Sweden they gave me my dog so I would have to go out three times a day to let her wee etc.

I need s lot of time at home.

It helps me.

I can go out now but only for so long and it depends on the people around me etc


I have good days and bad days. I’m going through a phase of bad days. It’s comforting to know that other people feel like this too.


I only leave the house to walk my dog in the neighborhood, go see the pdoc, go pick up meds, or occasionally go get food via drive thru. I spend my time at home watching TV and messing around online