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Do any people on here stay home all the time?


I’m home almost all the time, wasting time on the internet; of course I have my appointments and I like to accompany my parents on grocery runs and occasionally go out to eat.


ill go out maybe 3 times a month to church or the store.


I experience anxiety when I leave my house & forced to be around ppl. I NEVER attend anything social. I see my psyche nurse twice a month & my counselor two to three times a month.
I have conditioned myself to tolerate the grocery store once a month & Wal-Mart about every 6 wks as needed.
Other than that I stay home every day.
I used to attend NAMI mtgs faithfully for years & attended church regularly. …that all stopped going on 3 yrs ago. I just cant do it anymore & have no desire to go.


I am home often. i dont work. i do leave sometimes. I have lots of time to spend here.

I do housework. along with little things like organizing. It is part of my “rent” to stay here.

I plants to tend to. several of them as i propogate them and have gotten a bit good at it.

I used to draw but my sight is too bad.


I physically get outside almost every day, but just to the yard right in front of my apartment. Still within my comfort zone. Other than that the only time I leave is to go grocery shopping once every week or two. I have doctor’s appointments every 6 weeks, but because I have a hard time getting out my doctor does every other one as a phone call, assuming I haven’t had any problems recently.

I sometimes wish I could get out more. I’m torn between wanting friends and wanting to talk to people and being such an introvert it never works out the way I Invision it.


I have had periods where I stay home all the time. Weeks. It becomes overwhelming to leave. Sometimes I struggle to leave my bedroom, even to go downstairs to get food. Sometimes even leaving my bed is hard because it seems like the most secure place to be except when I hear people breaking in. My husband takes care of things for me. He tends not to go grocery shopping for anything but essentials like milk and eggs or easy things like frozen pizza, though. We usually have a decent stockpile of food because we have a very large walk-in pantry and a deep freezer, so we are normally okay when this happens. We run out of fresh fruit and vegetables, but we make do.

I eventually venture out again, usually with my husband. Even when I am “okay” and get out of the house, I have a hard time going out alone. People overwhelm me. I find them frightening. I avoid WalMart in particular because there are so many people there. I go to my local grocery store because it is smaller, there is less traffic to get there, and there are fewer people. Less stress all around. I have an easier time going places that are close to me and that I am familiar with. I have lived in this area for 11 years now and still get lost easily because I don’t go out very often and don’t have a sense of direction. This makes things worse for me. It’s very distressing, and I panic when I get lost, so I hesitate to go new places. It keeps me from trying new things sometimes. It kept me from a NAMI meeting last month.

When I am at home and can’t leave the house, I am usually depressed, so I don’t do much. I sleep a lot. I spend a lot of time wallowing in guilt because I feel like a failure for not getting out and being productive. I cry. I talk to my family on the phone. I surf the internet searching for something I never find.

You are not alone. I may not be a complete shut-in, but I have my moments. It sucks.


I stay in my apartment pretty much all the time. The only time I leave it is to go to a once daily prayer meeting and to go down to dinner, which lasts for an hour.


I say home most of the time. Usually only go out to run errands, pick up stuff at the pharmacy, or go shopping for groceries. Every once in a while I go out to eat with my girlfriend, sometimes with her daughter and grandson. I don’t do much else. When I’m at home, I take care of my cat and do ordinary stuff like cleaning the house and doing laundry, cooking, and doing little things for my girlfriend. She’s a little bit older than me, so I do the best I can to keep her happy. Sometimes I listen to a little music or play guitar. Lately I’ve been posting on this forum, but I’ll probably mellow out on that. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that kind of thing, but it’s nice to talk with others who have schizophrenia. I think I type too much. Hopefully it won’t bug anyone.


I stay in my apartment as much as possible. Monday through Friday I walk two-hundred feet to the clubhouse and stay there from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. Once a week we go into town to get our groceries. The people at Wal Mart have to endure my presence for about one hour a week. I almost never leave the auspices of Ten Killer Behavioral Services.


That’s me, I’m terrified of leaving the house and also have no reason to, I don’t have friends locally. I go away once a month for two days training where I see people and feel okay but once I’m home im alone again, and go out for appointments only. I’m rtrying to think of things I can do so I can work on my social skills. And also because I don’t feel good, I feel I’m a shut in, I don’t want that.


I can’t stay home all day, every now and then I leave either for a walk, shop for groceries, go for a drive etc.


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