Do any of you believe the experience could be partially stemming from something telepathic?

jaynebeal… simply put you were fooled into thinking mel gibson was after you. I am not arguing he really was. My entity can talk in anyone’s voice. these are the abc’s. You’re in the training wheels program because you can’t see through their lies.

Meds help but you still have to do the leg work to get well. You choose to endulge instead of deconstruct


Yes , philosophically I defend peoples right to ‘believe’ , because that approach ensures that we don’t have people controlling how the masses should think , however believing something in the absence of evidence I would never advise , because that’s my outlook , however I do believe that it can help some people.

yes, it’s most definitely telepathy. your really onto something there. I have more information here in my blog.

the training wheels program, daimon??? care to elaborate on this please?

Essentially you are in the program they put the ones who can’t discern reality from illusion.

ermmm…who are “they?” and what is reality as opposed to illusion? if i believed in everything my voices said i would be either dead or hospitalized or living in a group home or with my parents right now. the reason i don’t believe in them is because there is absolutely no scientific evidence of telephone clarity telepathy right now. there just isn’t…so just because i hear interactive voices dos not mean i am telepathic, that’s just my opinion. listen daimon, if i believed my voices, i would be flying off in my space ship, or the inventor of free energy, or my family would be clones, or i would be famous…or worse still, dead. thing is i know that all these utterances are just a ploy to get me dx as a sz so i don’t go for them at all. the truth is i was raped when i was 15 years old by some influential people and my life went down the toilet thereafter. that’s the beginning of my story anyway. to my mind the only “they” i am dealing with is famous people and their hired goons. that’s it in a nutshell. but i am very interested to know who you think “they” are.


I love how this supposed to be classified stuff just gets sent all over the internet. But that’s the plausible deniability program…

In politics and espionage, deniability refers to the ability of a powerful player or intelligence agency to pass the buck and avoid blowback by secretly arranging for an action to be taken on their behalf by a third party ostensibly unconnected with the major player.

Talk about it all you want…on mental health forums, conspiracy forums, and fringe websites about little green men.

Them. basically the MIB

sz symtoms, commonly collected scientifically of the years include: hearing voices, thinking your thoughts are being projected to others (reading your mind), thought insertion - in which thoughts come in by themselves as if from outside and usually bizarre and not at all the focus of what we were thinking about.
To me, in my experience of 45 yrs of my 65, it is all an affliction aimed at “undermining us”. To create doubt shame guilt fear false pride and /or to seduce us into activities, self important grandiosity, and also having the voice maker take control of our lives - usually with intent to destroy. I have had authoritative voices (as if a higher power) and also ventriloquistic voices - recognizable - but not from or honest representations of who the voice sounds like. Whether friends or family, or once upon a time friends or acquaintances, or public figures etc. I wrote down times and names and asked those people later if they even had thought about me at that time and all, said NO. Yet even most were folks I had not seen or heard from in daily life for years and not since either, or public people who don’t even know I, personally, exist.

it is sadly common to be paranoid and hear the TV people as if talking to you, at you, or about you; OR for our senses to mis-hear and have other words sent to our hearing than what the TV actor or radio DJ is saying to the general public audience. Sad … but not mind reading, nor telepathy. UNDERMINING. I have had them comment on or around; my thoughts, my feelings, my cares, my humor, my tears, my worries, my fears, my hopes etc.

They are what eastern religions call “illusion, delusion, confusion” and for us sz is EXTRA; and a Yogic Master has declared; “The Lord makes no illusion delusion confusion for us” …

I hope you can find ways to cope with these symptoms in a way that diminishes them and their impact on you and hopefully extinguishes them. Better to have privacy in our own minds!!! God help us all.

P.S. I was fooled by these symptoms too for many years (and left uneducated about them)


Sz symptoms ain’t real…

There is no telepathy.

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I sympathise with this. I indulge in it even though I know how impossible it can be. The trouble I am having at the moment is my brain thinks it’s communicating with people when I venture out, and I think my thoughts are being broadcasted and I think the worst things imaginable to try and provoke a response from people and then get worried about the consequences. It’s unsettling and I have just about had with it. It’s so hard to try and fight a delusion, as it happens in a form of an experience I cannot deny. It’s very complicated, but I am just starting to get angry now as it won’t stop. I barely leave the house and I only have sanctuary in my room and up until now, at work. I have been put back on 20mg of Olanzapine, so hopefully that will make a difference.

Sounds similar to what I’m going through. Even if it is real these their are no consequences. I hate that feeling of lacking privacy and being see through. The pressure to think properly has the opposite effect. Took me a year to quit having the automatic thoughts I have when I’m around people. Internal judgement. I’m still working on it too.

Hoping your meds will kick in and take it all away. Till then enjoy your sanctuaries. Try to use the time out as a space to establish proper thinking. If your mind becomes a train then there is little room for anything else.

Unfortunately for me it was like a mind wipe. Had to throw it all away and im only begining to build it back up.

Sorry to hear you’re going through something similar. That really sucks.

Thanks. I hate taking them but dropping my dose to 10mg a few months ago seems to have backfired. I thought I was well enough to not be on 20. I am grateful to have sanctuary at the moment. Last time I got so paranoid about my parents that I was found half way across the country trying to board a plane and got taken to hospital by the police.

Throwing it all away mode is a nightmare. I have done that about three times before and never ends well. I think the difference of being aware about SZ will prevent things getting too out of hand. Before I really went off the rails because I didn’t understand the illness at all.

Gotta simplify. Find some peace. Be realistic. Telepathy means nothing. I also used to have issues with my family trying to kill me etc. The illness sucks, but people recognize how unfair it is if youre on the path to understanding and recovery.

sometimes the coginvtive mind maps out are day before we get there, and that my seam like it happened but when two or more people are involved with the same dream watch out. telepathic romers all over the place…

Idk about telepathic but I don’t believe everything that i see isn’t real. I believe some of them are ghosts I mean they taught me things I never knew how could they not be real?

What did they teach you?

I don’t think this discussion is helping people any longer.

as Wikipedia notes:

“There is no scientific evidence that telepathy is a real phenomenon. Many studies seeking to detect, understand, and utilize telepathy have been carried out, but no replicable results from well-controlled experiments exist.”

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