Do antipsychotics cause dreams?

I’m just wondering, as I never remembered my dreams before I went through psychosis and started on anti-pschotics.

That’s a positive for me, except when I have nightmares.

I’ve been having some very vivid and bizarre bad dreams since starting Latuda. Previously I hardly dreamed at all. It’s not really a big deal to me, but I did notice it.

For me and i take zyprexa it caused vivid dreams during the first week of taking it. Now i only dream occasionally

Any meds that effect nueroreceptors seems to have increased dreams as a side effect from Chantix to Wellbutrin to antipsychotics

I tend to have more strange dreams since starting Latuda, but when I am not on it I have…well normal doesn’t describe dreams very well, but at least I never dreamed of being turned inside out by an alien before Latuda…

It might be so with oral antipsychotics but with depot I have rather poor dream recall . When I do recall them they often have a central theme of getting lost.

I dream a lot on prolixin it doesn’t bother me it’s fun when it’s a good dream not so fun when it’s a bad one.

Ever since I started Abilify I’ve had very vivid and engaging lucid dreams. No complaints for me either because they’ve mostly been really fun.