Disturbing dreams


I’ve had strange dreams two nights in a row. I dream that I am ill again. It is scary. Does this mean I’m getting worse again? Does anyone else have these dreams at night?


Your mind is probably just processing the difference. Stay strong. Eventually your mind has to forget about that ■■■■. The worst thing you can do is stress out and think about it


I haven’t had a nightmare about being insane for about three months now. I know how depressing and scary they can be. All I can say to you is to repeat a theory on the meanings of dreams I read some where. The theory goes that our dreams are about unresolved issues in our conscious life.


In Alcoholics Anonymous, we observe drinking dreams are usually followed by a period of good sobriety.



Sometimes I have a dream of having sex with someone I know, and it is to a degree disturbing. But when I trace it back, I dream about a woman I thought was hot or whatever, but later said to myself, “You know what, she’s not appropriate for me, and I think I’ll let that potential conquest go.” Then, I have the dream, and like, “What was that?” But it seems to be just a self comment on the changing consciousness within me.



I had those dreams 2 days ago and unfortunetly they triggered me. I hope it dorsbt happen to you


I get dreams like that all the time. Very scary. In the past when dreams were a big problem for me the pdoc prescribed me something to help with the nightmares. I had unresolved PTSD at the time. If the bad dreams continue and disrupt your sleep patterns you may want to mention them to your pdoc.


Sometimes I’ll get a very vivid dream about being back in hospital. It does freak me out. I try not to let myself think that it’s a warning sign. It’s just a loop. It’s recall and circuits just zapping away up there in the brain. So far, I haven’t ended up back in hospital. So I just have to tell myself, that my dreams are not predicting my future.


Disturbing dreams.

Yes, I have heard that you should not disturb a dream.

If you wake someone up when they are in the middle of a dream, they can burst out quite violently.


for me, my dreams are correlated to my well-being. Nightmares mean episodes for me, good lucid dreams mean I am healthy. Last night I dreamed I was a pornstar and a prefect in house Ravenclaw. There was an orgy after taking exams. LOL


Thank you all. I’ll try to keep my head cool. :slight_smile:


even muggles have bad dreams, i would not read into it, it is just a dream.
take care