Nightmares about hospitalization....again!

I had this nightmare again. I got a psychotic break at work and was dumped in hospital and they would not let me leave. It was so hard to think. I was so sad.

Do reoccuring nightmares mean something? Am I going psychotic again? Do I have PTSD because of hospital visits?

Last night I dreamed my mother comitted suicide. She had put her house on fire and I saved the cat and dog but she would not let me save her. Wierd.

I hate nightmares. They seem to like me though.

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comatose, I don’t know what all that means, but can you keep a light on in your room where you sleep? that sometimes helps with keeping nightmares in perspective.

best of luck, judy


Sorry you have nightmares. They can be terrible.

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Well I believe in psycho dynamic therapy. I would ask you to do some dream dissecting. What is the first thing that goes through your mind when you think of being g in the hospital, how about what you think of when they say you can’t leave…and on and on to let you use your subconscious to tell you what you’re thinking at a deeper level.

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I’ll try to think about that.

My first thought is freedom. Or rather no freedom. Prison. Fear.

Fear contains a lot. Fear of people knowing I’m sz, fear of being locked up, fear of people, fear of help, fear of medicine, fear of voices and delusions, fear of losing my friends.

Are you still taking abilify at the exact same time of day? If you don’t that can cause nightmares etc.

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My wife told me once I had a nightmare and yelled out…“Pinnochio Sandwich”!! in my sleep.

I didn’t remember the dream, but Hun thought it was hilarious.


you are safe :heart:
take care :alien:


a little melatonin suplement can greatly improve sleep.

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**Most of the time, dreams are just a reflection of things that are bothering you. Maybe something that is just very emotional for you, or something you need to work out.


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