Distraught about cars outside house

The old fear of cars has gotten me 100% again. Is a living hell. Am twitching the curtains open whenever I hear a sound. This is too much.

You sound like you’re having a crappy day @Jimbob. I’m here for you.

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Hey James - You are not alone, I can feel very paranoid about what is happening in front of my house.

I am very suspicious of cars parked by my house - it can get intense.

Hang in there and make sure you take the prescribed Klonopin if you have to.


You’ll be seeing your family soon within hours you said. Hopefully things will improve then. I wish I could help further. I used to be a curtain twitcher myself.

Do you have any benzos left ?

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Feeling too afraid to leave the house so not seeing family. Was only prescribed 3 days worth of benzo last Friday so out of clonazepam.

Knowing other folk have felt like this helps but ■■■■ if it isn’t torture.

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Can family come to you?

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They get too upset when they see me like this. Is going to be a weekend from hell.

What resources do you have (crisis line, outpatient clinic, friends who will come over, etc)?

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Have no friends. Just spoke to my CPN - he said put music on.

Just hate living behind my curtains. I crawl along the floor to the window, commando style, so I won’t be detected. Jeez this is too much. Just don’t want to go on the ward. Hate that place.

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It’s a really horrible feeling. I remember it well. Make sure you tell your doctor about all this though.

Screw what’s outside the window, keep the curtains closed, put on the TV, put on some headphones and listen to music while watching.

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Cheers @everhopeful have put music on. To be honest I am calming down slightly - well more like burnt out to be precise. progress not perfection

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Dear Jimbob,

I’m glad you are “calming down slightly”.

As a family member of someone with sz, I have only been through this from the outside. I witnessed the intense fear my family member felt due to cars on our street. Lots of other things outside the house seemed to be potential dangers.

I just want to encourage you to try to get to your family gathering. If they are like my family, they love you and they want to spend time with you.

Over the course of many weeks, my family member bravely went through some very terrifying car rides (after I guaranteed their safety and am really glad we were safe driving a mile or two away from our house). Isolation can sometimes increase paranoia and bring on more symptoms.

I hope it passes quickly. I’m glad you’re listening to music; are there are other interests/distractions?

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Hey @Hereandhere. Went for dinner at my folks in the end. Was very hard walking the couple of streets to their house but hey I did it. Dinner was nice.

But I left pretty sharpish due to feeling “burnt out”. Am back home now. Have decided to open the curtains but try not to look out of them.

Thanks for your nice post. You are obviously a voice of much experience.

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Do you see or have you thought of seeing a psychologist @Jimbob . I’ve heard they can really help in some cases.

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You did it:) That’s really making me smile IRL

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Hey @seriouslydisturbed. Yeah have seen about 5-6 psychologists. Without fail after a couple of sessions they say talking therapies do me more harm than good.

Not quite sure what this means but I think they are trying to say the distress I experience when I let my guard down and open up about stuff is too severe to continue. Suppose I am just a bit messed up. Or maybe I just haven’t found the right psychologist.